Thursday, November 4, 2021

Snug as a Mug on a Rug & Hedgehog & Hare Teething Rings

I had the pleasure of testing  Snug as a Mug on a Rug and the teething rings from Around the Bobbin, recently. First, the Snug as a Mug on a Rug, which is a fun and useful item to not only sew, but to use. 
The pattern shows 3 ways to create the mug rug: fussy cut a fabric, or 2 different pieced blocks. But I decided for the first mug rug I made, I wanted to highlight an appliqué flower, using the Large Die Cut Flower set from Crafter's Edge. So I guess you could say there are certainly more ways you can create the block on your mug rug if you want to get a bit more creative. Here are my mug rugs:

The Crafter's Edge large flower die cut looks great on this mug rug. It was fun to appliqué the flower too. I used the same text fabric in the flower background under the silicone too. Sewing through the silicone is easy to do. Sews like butter.

You place your mug onto the silicone part, so the mug can be really hot and the silicone will take the heat just fine.

The second mug rug I made using the Square-in-a-Square block which is one of the choices in the pattern. But to make it faster and easier to cut and sew, I again used my Crafter's Edge die cuts in the sizes as per the pattern. I used the square and half square triangle die cuts. The die cuts worked perfectly to make this little block. I went fruity with my scraps of fruit fabrics: raspberries, bananas, blueberries for the block and under the silicone I used a lemon & blueberry print.

Next up is the Hedgehog & Hare pattern, which includes 2 silicone rings that are safe for baby. These teething rings are quick and easy to make. The hedgehog is Velcroed to the ring so can be removed for washing. The Hare is attached with an easy slip knot, also making it easy to remove for washing. I made both using soft flannel, but Minky is another fabric suggested in the pattern.

The Hare is a sweet little guy with added ribbon for baby to touch and play with.

The Hare is sweet with those tall ears. You can even add a crinkle material to make noise and add a texture for baby to grab. I didn't have the crinkle material so the ears are just flannel.

Not only soft to the touch for cuddling, but the teething ring is great for baby to hold and chew on with the several textures on the rings. Plus if baby drops them, they are easy for mom or dad to find.
Check out the testers versions here.

Both the Snug as a Mug on a Rug and the Hedgehog & Hare patterns come with 2 silicone pieces for each pattern. On sale for just a few days, so hurry! Coupon code is NEWNEW Thursday 11/4 - 11/7 for 25% off. (Refills are available for each pattern too).

Crafter's Edge Dies used:

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  1. I love everything. the mug rug is quite cleaver. I've seen so many beautiful mug rugs, the point of having one is also to serve a purpose. Having the silicone bag attached is a very practical idea. I never knew silicone could be so pretty. I really like the flower you made. those baby gifts are practical and adorable, what a cleaver idea to keep them washable as well by making the fabric removable. wonderful choice of color and patterns.


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