Saturday, November 6, 2021

Twister Gnome Table Runner now has 2 Sizes

I love this Twister Gnome Table Runner from Around the Bobbin. I made one a few years ago and sold it. Lisa (from ATB) decided to include a smaller size in her pattern, so I tested this for her. It measures 11" x 29", so it's slightly smaller than her original runner which measures 15" x 39". So now you can choose the size you want to make to fit your table best.

I had an Ombre fabric and I wondered how it would look if I used it for making the Twister pinwheels. Well it came out great! I really love the look and think I will make some more Twisters in Ombre fabric again.

I love these cute gnomes. I used different reds for their hats and gave 3 gnomes white beards and 3 gnomes gray beards. See next photo too:

I quilted 1/4" from the seams on the Twister side and used a serpentine stitch on the right side of the runner.

While I used the Ombre fabric on the cut squares that you sew together, I didn't have enough for the border, so I used a yellow/green fabric that blended perfectly.

The Mini Twister tool is needed to cut the pieced squares into the Twister sections.

The runner with the applique gnomes at each end and the Twister pinwheels looks so good, especially in the Ombre fabric!!

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  1. Pretty colors Daryl. I love the twisters behind the gnomes. They give the little guys a magical feel.

  2. This is so cute, Daryl! I just love patterns using the twisters!!

  3. I love your new runner Daryl. The gnomes are super cute and I love the ombre fabric edge you've used. Fabulous!

  4. I have never worked with Ombre fabrics but they sure look yummy on the bolt and even yummier in your twister Gnome runner.

  5. in any size it looks amazing. well done!! I just love your fabric choices and I was mesmerized by your quilting, I love the effect of what you did on the strip of blue. you have such a good color sense. who doesn't smile when they see a gnome.


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