Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Zip N Go Laptop Bag

My good friend wanted me to make her a bag to hold her new iPad. She wanted to make sure it was well protected too. I thought of the Zip N Go bag (Moments by Liz pattern), which is uses a both foam and fleece in the bag. My friend brought over her iPad to check if it would fit into my Zip N Go that I made for myself years ago, and it fit just fine.

She was concerned about the iPad being protected enough, so I offered to make a sleeve for her iPad so that she could have the extra protection by placing the iPad into the sleeve first. 

My friend loves typewriters and actually uses them to type letters too, so she brought over the typewriter keys fabric and the gray fabric to use for the Zip N Go. She asked for the front to be made using the fabric in this configuration as you can see in the photo below, with the gray on the top.

I really like how it turned out and so did my friend! 

The completed Zip N Go laptop bag. I used black webbing for the handles. My friend didn't want rivets on the handles, so I stitched an X to make them secure.

A silver Handmade Limited Edition tag on the lower corner of the bag, with rivets to secure it.

Zipper pull with a handmade charm for the zipper pocket. I made the beaded zipper pull as I always do.

The back side of the bag is all typewriter keys fabric, but with a pop of the gray on the back slip pocket.

The bag open looking into the bag and seeing the quilted lining.

You Look Beautiful label sewn into the bag.

My Patchouli Moon Studio label sewn into the bag.

Zippered pocket on bag opened.

I made a matching card wallet and a couple of cord keepers too. All close with plastic Kam snaps. Because the typewriter key fabric is directional, I had to make sure the flap of the wallet was cut in the opposite direction and sewed to the back of the wallet so that it wasn't upside down when the wallet was closed. I also added a black rickrack over the seam to not only cover the seam, but to add a bit of bling too. I sewed the rickrack down with gray embroidery floss.

The matching wallet and cord keepers opened.

The matching sleeve. I made a tab flap and a used a plastic Kam snap closure.

Inside the sleeve I used a flannel fabric and I quilted it too like I did the lining of the Zip N Go, but I used fleece instead of foam for the sleeve.

The whole matching set. What a cute family, lol!

The sleeve inside the Zip N Go.
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  1. It’s a fun bag, Daryl! The typewriter keys is the perfect fabric for an iPad bag. I love the cockeyed pockets! How fun are they. The whole set is wonderful. I’m sure you’ve got one happy customer there.

  2. Wow! This is awesome! Love that typewriter key fabric!! You are so good to your customers with all the extras you give them. I know they appreciate your generosity!

  3. What a beautiful set, I am sure that (TC) will love it. I am guessing that it is her?

  4. I love it, I'm the proud owner of this bag and it is perfect. I just love everything about it. I still have a hard time owning something that costs so much money, my I-pad, and carrying it around with me. it makes me a nervous wreck. I feel so much better having my perfect case to keep it safe. Daryl did a beautiful job, and the little extras, are so handy. Thank you Daryl, you outdid yourself, again.

  5. What a wonderful set for your friend! I have always been thinking of making something similar for my laptop and well, best laid plans!!


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