Friday, December 11, 2020

Clearly Organized (Knitting) Bag with Boxed Corners

Last month I made a couple of Clearly Organized Bags (Around the Bobbin Pattern). Those bags have clear vinyl on the front and the back of the bags and are also flat, which is great for storing your next fabric project. But I wanted to use one of mine for knitting project bag and it really needed some depth to the bag, so I thought, why not box the corners of the bag? I also needed to make other changes for this to work too and I am pleased it turned out and now I have a new project bag!

One of the other changes was to use only one clear vinyl window. I also quilted the back of the bag and the lower front of the bag to make it a bit sturdier. I like that this bag can stand on it's own.

This is the largest bag and I added a couple more inches to the bottom to accommodate the boxed corners. My latest knitting project is a scarf requested by Mr. P. As you can see there is plenty of room to put a larger project inside this bag in the future.

I have used this print in a different colorful colorway for other knitting bags before, but I only had a smaller amount of this colorway of gray, red, white and black.

I have one more piece of vinyl left the same size as I used on this bag, so I could make another bag just like this in another color or I could make some more changes on how I sewed this bag and see if I can improve it a bit more. I do love this bag, but have another idea, so we shall see. Meanwhile, this is the perfect bag for holding my knitting project.

Those other 2 Clearly Organized Bags (that I tested) in the 2 largest sizes are going to hold some fabric for the next 2 bags I make. So now I can make these bags flat or with boxed bottoms, making it more versitile.
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  1. It also looks like you put binding on the sides and the very top of the bag?

  2. Love how you changed this pattern up! You are so creative! I like the boxed corners a lot!

  3. This reminds me of the WIP bag that I made using a free pattern from Sew4Home/Fat Quarter Shop. It is handy to be able to see what's inside something while still having the opportunity to showcase some nice fabric like you do here. (And yes, I like the idea of having only one side with the vinyl; both sides are not necessary.)


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