Monday, December 14, 2020

Clematis Pouch with Boxed Corners in Two Sizes

I made these Clematis pouches last year. I boxed the corners on them and some I enlarged. I used foam stabilizer in all of these pouches. 

The enlarged pouches are enlarged 10% to measure 10 3/4" wide x 8" high x 2 1/2"deep. (Except that the cactus one is an inch shorter). 

The original size pouch is the pink and black one below; measuring 9 3/4" wide x 6" high  x 2" deep. The last pouch (also the original size) with coyotes and a red bottom is an inch higher.

This one is enlarged by 10% and I just boxed the corners without adding any height to the bottom accent piece. It looks great, but I thought it should have more of the bottom accent piece showing, so I added about an inch to the bottom of the rest I made.

I added a zipper pocket to the outside of this bag to try it. While I do like the zipper pocket, it adds cost to the bag, which also adds to the time to make the bag and therefore I do have to charge more money for this one, so I won't add zippered pockets to anymore of these pouches unless it is a custom order that is requested.

Inside is a slip pocket too.

I made this one at the same time as the one above and it is the original size. I also didn't add any height to the bottom.

The other side of the bag.



Size comparison of these. They are leaning back to show more of the colored bottoms here.

This is the original size pouch, except I added an inch in height to make the bottom taller.

The back side.

Inside with a slip pocket and red top accent.

This is enlarged 10% and I made this for Mr. P. as he loves astronomy. I used a cotton faux cork bottom.

The back side.

Of course it's made with love for my hubby.

Inside is a divided slip pocket.

Both together to show the sizes.

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  1. That first fabric cactus fabric is sooo cute! I agree a little more of the bottom showing would be nice.

  2. I adore these cutie pies, you are the queen of pairing fabrics. you really make the main colors pop and you used such fun fabrics. I would smile every time I used one of these bags. they are so functional as well, great job as always.


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