Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Cici Too Cosmetic Pouch & Simple Zipper Pouch

I have a couple of small zippered pouch patterns that I have been wanting to try, so I made one and had enough of the main print left to make the other one. The purple accent fabrics are different on each bag because I used scraps I had for the purple. 

Both bags look good and are close to the same size. The zipper installation on each bag was sewn slightly different. I like the bottom accent piece on the Cici Too bag on the left a bit better because it has more shape than just a straight across bottom as in the Simple Zip pouch on the right. Do you have a bag preference?

The Simple Zipper Pouch is a tutorial I found online years ago, called Boxed Pouches. That name sort of implied they would be a boxy shape like a shoe box, so I didn't want to call it that.

The Cici Too Pouch measures 8 1/2" wide x 5" high x 3" deep.

Inside the Cici Too is a pocket that I sewed patchwork style and divided it with a pen pocket on the left.

This is the Simple Pouch interior without a pocket.

Both similar enough pouches, but I prefer the bottom accent to the Cici Too pouch, so I will make more of those, but I might tweak the way the zipper is installed on it.

These will go into my inventory for craft shows to be sold at future shows. However, if you want to purchase either of these pouches just email me. These zipper pouches have both SOLD.

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  1. I agree I like both bags but i do prefer the shape of the bottom bag. is there a way to install a zipper that you don't already know?? Fun color choices these little bags are so handy.


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