Saturday, December 19, 2020

Diaper Bag, Twister Baby Quilt & Stuffed Bears in Velour

Over a year ago I made a diaper bag, a quilt and a couple of bears as a gift to my niece who was having a baby (he is one year old already!). 

I chose to make the Show Off Bag (Whistlepig Creek pattern). I thought it could be used as a diaper bag or later as a nice tote bag for carrying things that are needed for 2 young children (Great nephew has an older sister). My niece likes blue, so that's what she got. 

I made the Twister quilt in bold colors for a boy. I made 2 velour Warren bears. I told my niece to let her young daughter to choose the bear she wanted and the other bear is for her baby brother. I don't know which bear she chose.  

The Show Off Bag (named so you could show off a large print).

Sides have a pocket with elastic top, which I thought would hold a baby bottle and later a water bottle or sippy bottle.

I added a couple of hidden slip pockets; one on the front and one on the back of the bag for quick access to keys and phone.

Bag zips closed.

To show how large this bag is, I rolled up the quilt (backed in blue flannel) and put the blue bear on the right and the aqua bear on top. Then zipped it closed. I put this in a box to mail it to her.

I added divided slip pockets on each side along the width of the bag.

I added purse feet on the bottom.

The bag measures 18" wide x 12" high x 6" deep.

Now on to the Twister Quilt~

I used all scraps for the front top of the quilt and blue flannel for the back of the quilt. 

Straight lines to quilt it in a variegated thread.

Here are the 2 velour Warren bears (pattern from Shiny Happy World).

I really stuffed them a lot to give them more of a squishy tummy. They are so soft and cuddly.

Aqua bear has a red heart, oval muzzle and a triangle nose.

Blue bear has a long muzzle, oval nose and a heart on the left side.

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  1. Well made bag and cool bears! (And I appreciate the tip about making them easier.) I'm now going to be dropping various comments on previous posts from the past six weeks or so and am letting you know that you can feel free to reply to all of them with one email!

  2. what incredible gifts. I have always been a fan of the twister quilt they are so fun to look at and I really like the way you quilted it. you can still really see the twister pattern and not be distracted by the quilting. The bears are so huggable and that diaper bag can be used for so much beyond diapers. I'm sure she will be using it for a long time. what a perfect set of gifts from the heart.

  3. Well, here goes again as not sure what happened to my post mid stream!! LOL These are awesome gifts. I really love the twister baby quilt and the diaper bag and little bears are wonderful! Now I have managed to collect all of the twister tools and really do need to make another twister project! Time....time....time!

  4. What great gifts for all made with love:)

  5. Great gifts, Daryl, and I'm sure very well constructed! I went and grabbed up that bear pattern - new great grand expected in the spring. Thanks!


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