Tuesday, December 8, 2020

6 Clematis Pouches with Boxed Bottoms

The Clematis (Wristlet) Pouch (Blue Calla Design) is normally sewn with darts in the corners, but I prefer boxed corners so these can stand up. It is also sewn with a wrist strap on the original. I enlarged the first 5 pouches below, so they are a nice size that measures 10 3/4" wide x 8" high x 2 1/2"deep. The last one is the original size, but a with boxed bottom and it measures 9 3/4" wide x 7" high  x 2" deep.

I used a faux cork on the bottom of all of these pouches. All have a pocket inside the pouch too, but one I added 2 pockets because I had forgotten that I had already cut out a pocket, so oh well why not add a second packet to that pouch? LOL.

I love this fabric with the train words on it. I had a little left from another project (that I can't show you just yet), so made this pouch with the leftover fabric. I also have the same fabric with a white background that I haven't used yet. This and the rest below, except for the last pouch, are enlarged versions measuring 10 3/4" wide x 8" high x 2 1/2"deep.

I chose this green print  for the lining and inside pocket.

I had enough of this button fabric to make 2 identical bags, which is rare for me to make 2 exactly the same inside and out.

Both of the above bags have the same lining and pocket too.

This red fabric with the circles went so well with the faux cork bottom.

This is the bag that I made 2 pockets, one on each side. The red pocket has a pen pocket division (as do all the pockets on these pouches I made.

I made a second pocket with a snap to keep it closed because I didn't sew a dividing line.

I have had this red fabric with the little chicks on it for quite a long time. I had a few yards of it when I first bought it and have used it here and there in other projects. It was time to use it in a bag. Pairs so well with the faux cork.

Inside with a pocket.

This is the original size pouch, just with the boxed corners instead. I had a strip of this fabric and it was the right width I needed to use for this bag. Measures: 9 3/4" wide x 7" high  x 2" deep.

Purple lining.

All these pouches are going into my inventory for craft shows (hopefully) next year. If you want to purchase one, please email me and let me know which pouch or pouches that you would like to buy. I invoice through PayPal. Total cost including shipping is $30 each pouch. All of these pouches have SOLD.

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  1. love these, that cork fabric is perfectly matched for those fabrics, it looks fantastic. I really love the one with the red circles. you get your lining to sit perfectly on the inside making it look very professional.
    all around well done, thanks for sharing.

  2. Your craft show customers are really going to have a great selection of bags and pouches to choose from. I do hope things can get back to normal for next years shows.

  3. Love the faux cork on the bottom of the bags!!


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