Monday, May 4, 2020

Zippered Pencil Pouches

Here are more pencil pouches (or cases) that I made using Noodlehead's tutorial.

I had sewn together scraps of batik fabric and used those for the shorter end on one pouch and the longer end on the other pouch and paired them both with the black print batik.

I put some pens (just a few, lol) inside to show how much this pouch can hold. It still zips closed easily too.

This is the other side of the pouches.

3 pouches in pinks. The two outer pouches are the same, but the placement of the pink and black are opposite, having one pouch with the long black print and the other with the shorter black print. The center pouch is pink scraps sewn together to form a fabric that I used without dividing into 2 fabrics like the others.

These are easy to make and can hold other items besides pencils or pens. Great scrap buster too.
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  1. Those are pretty spiffy! And talking of spiffy look at those personalized pens!!

  2. love this scrappy bag and you used fun material. i also appreciate the size. i want to make it for my very long double pointed needles that currently don't really fit in the container i have them in. i have found lots of great projects from noodlehead i will try this one. thanks for sharing

  3. I really like these. I have yet to try anything with a zipper, but maybe some day.

  4. These are wonderful - well done!


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