Thursday, September 5, 2019

Zip N Go Laptop/Tablet Bag

This is the Zip N Go Laptop Bag by Moments Designs. It will fit a 13" laptop or tablet. There is a zippered pocket on the front, a slip pocket on the back and the inside lining is quilted to foam for extra cushioning. All the fabrics inside and out are interfaced and the exterior fabrics also have fusible fleece added, so there is cushioning both inside and outside of the bag to protect your device. The bag closes with a zipper to keep everything safely inside. You can add a carry handle or not.

I made this bag to hold my Amazon Fire Tablet. I used a fabric that I hand dyed years ago for the exterior. I accented the bag with a dark royal purple for the handles, gusset and the zippers too. Inside I used a lavender polka dot fabric and inside the front zippered pocket a light lavender since I ran out of the polka dot fabric.

The handles I made using fabric and sewing into a tube and then inserting webbing inside the handles. The pattern calls for using webbing for the handles themselves, but I wanted the use a pretty royal purple and so I used white webbing inside. I also added some rivets for a bit of bling.

I really love how this bag turned out and that I can keep my tablet and cord together now.

This is the back side with the slip pocket.

Inside the lining is quilted to foam for extra cushioning.

The zippered pocket on the front of the bag.

The front zippered pocket holds the charging cord, my earphones and a stylus pen too.

My tablet fits inside with room to spare.

My tablet has a purple protective cover with a handle and retractable feet for it to stand up. 

Now you can see why I wanted to have some purple on my Zip N Go Case so that it matches my tablet. 
If you want to buy this or any of Liz's pdf patterns, you can join her Facebook group and she has a pdf  listing of all of her pdf's listed with instructions of how to purchase them from her. Or if you aren't on FB, you can email me and I can email you the pdf listing of all her patterns (both free and for purchase) that has the price and a photo of each bag. She tells you how to order them from her on the pdf list.
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  1. This tote is very eye catching Daryl. The hand dyed fabric design and placement is awesome. I love the idea of your fabric handles with the webbing inside. The dotted lining is fun.

  2. Pretty fancy tote for an equally fancy tablet! Thanks for sharing!

  3. love the bling, love the color and overall look. you did a great job and its one of a kind. the colors are so beautiful and cheerful. enjoy your tablet is being carried around in style.

  4. So pretty and the purple!

  5. It's a fabulous bag, I need to make one for my laptop someday. But I would have to enlarge the pattern which I assume wouldn't be hard to do.

  6. Very impressive bag - looks so professional!

  7. Love the fabric. Fabric dying is one thing I haven't attempted, not for lack of desire. Limited time to spend surfing in search of tried and true result. Great job on the bag.


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