Sunday, September 8, 2019

Happy Hobo Bag in Patriotic Fabric

I made this Happy Hobo bag from a tutorial from Sew Can She. If you know me, you know I make changes to bags I make and usually add or subtract things from bags to suit my style. I made changes to this bag too. First off I am not fond of pleats on bags, so instead of doing the pleats, I used the lining pattern to make the exterior as well as the lining to avoid the pleats. Plus Caroline not only pleated the front (and back too) but divided the front into 2 sections with a seam down the center. I didn't see the need to do that either. She did a lovely embroidery on her Happy Hobo, but I don't have an embroidery machine and didn't want to hand embroidery either. I just wanted to try making this bag in a fabric. As I was going  through some prints, I found this one and decided I would make this a patriotic bag. I didn't have enough left for the strap, so I sewed 2 fabrics together to create a long enough adjustable strap and I really love the look of the strap! I had to get creative with the inside pockets too, which I actually love the look of those pockets. Funny how when I have to make do with what I have how I can be creative and end up loving the results even more.

So here she is~
The bag closes with a zipper.

The sides have a pocket. A cell phone would fit in just fine. However, if you have large hands, it might be hard to reach down into the pocket, so something like a cell phone where you can grab it from higher would what you would want to place inside the pocket and nothing like your spare change, lol!

On the back of the bag I added a zippered pocket. I love zippered pockets outside or inside to keep some things secure.

I make my zipper pulls and yes I do make everything with love.

Inside the bag the lining I used was the Pledge of Allegiance print. I had enough for the lining but not the pockets or the gusset. I didn't even have large enough pieces to make the pockets out of the exterior fabric, so I pieced the pockets creatively and love how they came out. Hard to get a decent photo inside the bag.

This is the pocket on the other side. I always try and add a pen pocket if the bag is tall enough for one to fit.

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  1. i like your changes as always and this fabric is very bright and cheerful. The combination of colors are wonderful they really play off of each other very well. The pockets and zippered pockets are so useful. great job.

  2. I like the size of that bag. Yours is very cute and I think your changes are nice.

  3. Nice bag - I like how it's wide at the top too.

  4. Another lovely bag. They are always so perfect! I’m still practicing putting in an inserted zipper pocket. Hopefully, one day, mine will look almost as polished as yours!


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