Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Upgrader Bag

The newest bag by ChrisW Designs is called The Upgrader and it comes in 2 sizes, small and large. I tested the large bag here. It is available as a pdf or video course. There is also a Supplement B Pocket Pattern available to purchase too that you can add to almost any bag or use it as a separate clutch. If you join Christine's newsletter or Facebook group, you can get 20% off this and any new releases. But hurry the discount ends at midnight Oct. 1, 2019 Australian Eastern Standard Time and you must either join the FB group or her newsletter to get the discount code, which is only good on her website and not elsewhere.
And be sure to visit Christine's blog here to see all the tester bags too.

There were several things that Christine needed to get fixed to make this bag work and she finally got that done. You see Christine went off to visit her newest grandson who was just born and left all us testers to our testing and of course it's Murphy's Law that things would go wrong and that's what happened. So she spent a long time when she got back redoing the pdf and video to get it right. That's what I love about Christine and her bag patterns is that she does get them right by the time she sells them. So now that I have the corrected pattern, I can make another one of these bags and have no worries at all that it will come out great.

But since this was the bag I tested, I will point out where there were things that she corrected later in the pattern.

Purse feet to help keep the bag clean.

Here is something that Christine corrected was making a tighter fitting lining. I showed her how my lining was too baggy and so when you pop over and see some of the tester bags, you will see how nice the lining looks now. Since I tend to be one of the first ones done, I do find a lot of the problems. I should try and be one of the last ones done, so others can find the mistakes first and I can make the corrected version, lol! It's still a useful and functional bag though. The pocket with the flap is the Pocket Supplement B.

I love the fabrics I chose for this bag. The wide blue strip across the front and back of the bag are pockets, which are great for your phone and keys.

This is the back and the pocket is behind the blue horizontal strip.

Here is a photo of the pocket.
Don't forget to sign up for ChrisW Design's newsletter or Facebook Group to get the discount code for 20% off this pdf or video course. Offer expires Oct. 1, 2019 at midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time. Scroll back to the top for the links.
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  1. great job as always, its good that Christine is open to suggestions the lining looks much better in the second bag. Both bags look wonderful and the color combinations work well. lots of room on the inside and i really like that hidden pocket under the flap.

  2. Yes, love your fabric combo on this bag. (I guess you also need to get a whole slew of rivets to make this one!) Curious as to how the lining problem was eventually addressed... larger seam allowance?

  3. Such a pretty bag! The fabrics that you chose look awesome together!


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