Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Clydesbank Tote Large Size

I made the Clydesbank Tote, a free Sew Sweetness pdf and video, in the large size. I didn't care for the handles on the pattern, so I added rings and rivets to make the handles instead. The large is quite a large bag and would be great for a knitting or crochet bag or anything you need a large tote for.

I used this denim bling fabric and a linen like fabric for the sides of the bag. The bag stands up nicely because of the foam stabilizer used in the bag, however there is no foam on the sides of the bag. I am thinking it would have been more bulk or more difficult to sew if foam had been added to the sides? I am not sure exactly, but followed the instructions of using interfacing on the sides only.

It's a cute bag and very roomy. The bag measures large 13” wide x 21-1/4” tall x 5” deep.

I think this fabric would be a perfect choice for a teen aged girl or anyone who loves blue jeans.

You can see how wide the bag is here.

I added a slip pocket inside and made 2 pen pockets on the left. Or use it for a crochet hook or short knitting needle?

A zippered pocket is inside the bag too. In fact the directions call for 2 zippered pockets, but I prefer to add one zippered pocket and one slip pocket for variety.

You can see the magnetic snap at the top and that is how this bag closes. The directions are actually for adding a recessed zippered closure to the bag, but I didn't have the right size or color zipper, so I did a magnetic snap instead.

The bottom of the bag is the same material as the bag sides and purse feet were added.

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  1. Totally cute jeans fabric, Daryl. Are you well on your way to having a full table for your shows? I'm curious as to whether you are required to have a minimum number of items in order to participate... and what if you sell out at your first show??

  2. Love this bag, Daryl - both the style and the fabric. Looks good with the contrasting plain sides.

  3. What a cool bag and that fabric is just so fun! I'm sure this will sell fast at your show.


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