Thursday, August 27, 2015

Doll Quilts or Table Toppers

I wanted to use up some fabric scraps and since I recently made some doll clothes for 18" size dolls, I decided that I would make some doll quilts too, which of course could be table toppers or even wall quilts. I only made one in girly colors, which is a pink string quilt, so probably most little girls wouldn't even like the other colors I chose to use? When I was a young girl I loved blue and still do, so perhaps some girls might like these other quilt colors too, that is if they do become doll quilts rather than table toppers or wall quilts.
Scrappy 9-Patch quilt.
On the back of the quilt I sewed my new label. I was lucky enough to win some labels from a giveaway at Sew Fresh Quilts. The labels are from Ikaprint.
Trip-Around-the-World quilt. (Sold).
My pretty new label on the back.
Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts had her labels made with her Blog/Business name on the front of her label and her name on the back of the label and I really liked that so I did the same thing with my labels. I chose a different font than Lorna did though.
Scrappy string quilt in scrappy blues. I set this in a zigzag. (Sold.)
Here is the back of the scrappy blue string quilt where you can see the zigzag quilting. The kitten fabric is a flannel.
The label on the back.
Scrappy pink string quilt. I set this one in a diamond setting.
Yes another photo of my new label. I just think the label looks so nice I wanted to show it off.
Back of the pink scrappy string quilt is a pink flannel print. You can see the diamond quilting lines.

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  1. These are beautifully created doll quilts, table toppers, wall quiltlets. I really like your new labels. They look professional while still allowing the hand made beauty to shine forth.

  2. My granddaughter's favorite color has always been blue, so not all girls like pink. But I love the pink string. All the quilts are awesome. And your labels are fabulous. Great idea to have both names on them.

  3. I think lots of young girls love blue, Daryl. It was my favourite colour as a kid and still is. Beautiful quilts, especially the scrappy string quilt in scrappy blues.

  4. I think that all those quilts are fine for little girls. Everything cannot be pink. lol I particularly love the 9-patch quilt. Are these for selling where you sell other goods, like your beautiful bowls?


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