Sunday, August 9, 2015

Welcome to My Garden Quilt

I belonged to an applique group years ago and we were all working on applique garden quilts. There were several large quilt blocks that we were making and were going to put them all together into one quilt (if we wanted to). This was one of the quilt blocks I had made. When the applique group was put on hold and we stopped meeting, I never finished this quilt. I was going through some UFO's a few months ago and saw this and thought I really should get this quilted and finish it. I did want to add an applique bird on top of the birdhouse first before I quilted it, so I did.

Then a few months ago I was wandering around Hobby Lobby when they had a 50% off their metal wall art and I found a cute metal birdcage that had a place to hold a photograph. A friend of mine had hung a quilt of hers on a metal wall art that said: "Live, Love, Laugh" or something like that, and I really liked how that looked. So I started to think about the birdhouse quilt that I was almost done with and thought this would be just perfect to hang that quilt on. I saw there was a place to attach some fabric to the metal cage and then to the quilt. It was about the right size too. I also needed to make a fabric postcard to put in the frame. Not sure I really like how the applique bird came out for the postcard, but I can always change that later if I want. My husband likes it so it's staying for now. Anyhow here is the quilt~
This is a long and narrow quilt. It's in my entry so you see it right across from my front door.

The metal looks all old like an antique, even though it's new. There is some glare on the glass in this photo on the coneflower. The background fabric that I used  here was a scrap of fabric that was from my dear friend Gloria, who passed away in February and was part of our applique group. I wanted to use a fabric that was from her as a reminder of her and our applique group.
No glare on the glass frame in this photo. You can see the fabric I put around the back of  the birdcage frame and attached it to the quilt to hang it.
Top of the birdhouse.
You might start to think creatively next time you see some metal wall art at thrift stores or yard sales or craft stores and see if it will work for a quilt you have or perhaps design a quilt that will work with the metal art. By hanging your quilt on something like this, you get 2 pieces of art in one. Plus when the metal art is on sale it's a lot cheaper than those metal quilt holders from quilt shops and you can find a variety of sizes too. I bought a couple of black metal art to hang some more quilts on....whenever I get around to making the quilts that is.

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  1. Very nice and I love the wall art idea, now you've got me thinking.
    Thank you,
    Assweetaspeaches hotmail

  2. So much detail, Daryl. Love the intricate little butterfly. A beautiful wall quilt for anyone who loves to garden.

  3. Fabulous inspiration, Daryl! You're gonna know that my favorite part is the postcard in the photo frame of the cage. I've never thought in that direction, but I sure will now. Your quilt is so cute and is a wonderful finish and a great display. You have me already relooking at the metal wall decor I already have!

  4. What a great idea. The quilt is gorgeous. What a happy thing to see when entering the house.

  5. Hi Daryl,
    I hope you are feeling better, I'm so happy you can blog again. This little garden quilt is one of my favorites as well. its so adorable, I love your quilting, the embellishments, the overall design and the cute way you hung it. I have to smile when I look at it because its so cheerful. The added postcard is a great addition. Enjoy your garden and it even grows in the desert.

  6. I love the idea of things doing "double duty" to end up as something totally unique. We should all re-purpose and re-imagine as much as possible. Oh, and as usual, your quilting prowess impresses me greatly!

  7. You've used this bird cage cleverly to assemble the two quilts. It seems that the cage was made for that.
    Your stitching is beautiful and I love your butterflies. Gorgeous!

  8. Such pretty projects.... and clever ideas! Christine x

  9. Wonderful applique work and beautiful colors Daryl! What a fun idea with the bird cage!

  10. That's a great idea! I'll definitely be keeping a look out for something similar now!

  11. Love this design. Your work is beautiful!

  12. Great wall hanging - and I really like the metal art too! The detail on the applique is fantastic - now everyone who visits can see your wonderful artwork :)

  13. What a lovely quilt! And such a creative, unique way of displaying it with that birdcage hanger!

    Thanks for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party!

  14. Love the idea and the quilt is adorable. I like too how you chose a piece of fabric from a friends stash who has passed for a memory.
    Great idea


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