Monday, August 17, 2015

Doll Clothes

I have a lot of scraps of fabric and I thought it might be fun to sew some doll clothes. So I found some free patterns online for the 18" dolls like the American Girl dolls. A few years after the first American Girl dolls were first sold, I bought Samantha for my daughter. Samantha was the doll she wanted. Back then there were only 3 American Girl dolls: Samantha, Kirsten, & Molly. I asked my daughter where Samantha was several months ago because I wanted to use her to model the clothes I make. Well my daughter gave her away to a little girl she knew who admired Samantha whenever she saw her. Darn, there went my prop. But I am sure that little girl is loving Samantha. So no doll to model these clothes. I took a few to the gift shop in hopes of selling the clothes. If they sell well, I may just have to buy a knock-off version of the doll which is a lot cheaper than the American Girl dolls made by the Pleasant Company.

I am also making some doll quilts right now and using up some quilt blocks that were already made and making a few new quilts too. So I will get those posted here as soon as they are finished. Meanwhile, here is what I made (so far):

A chef's hat. No doll to model this so I placed the hat on top of a small sunflower that hadn't opened up yet, lol!!!
I made 3 doll aprons that are reversible. So this is one side of this apron and...
...this is the other side of the apron.
This is another apron on one side and...
...this is the other side of the apron. Yes this is the same fabric as the first apron, but the ribbon ties on this apron is pale pink, while the first apron's ties are white and wider.
The third apron. This is one side and...
...this is the reverse side.
Plaid doll skirt with eyelet ruffle.
Doll tote bag.
Doll tote bag in yellow print.
A longer skirt with a ruffled edge.
A patchwork skirt. 
A drawstring sundress, I also added a ruffled edge. I have so many ruffled trims that I needed to find a way to use them.
I knit this tee-shirt and it took so much longer than sewing the clothes. I have lots of yarn that I need to use up too.
The back side of the knit tee-shirt has 3 buttons. I knit this in reverse stockinette stitch.
I sold most of these on 4/22/18. The knit sweater sold in 2017.
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  1. There you go again, dabbling in a whole new arena. The clothes are so cute. I hope you do well with them.

  2. All of these doll clothes are sew cute and little. I used to sew doll clothes and costumes for Cabbage Patch dolls which were sew much easier than sewing for Barbie dolls. You should do very well with the clothing venture. You really do need a "model". It was sweet of your daughter to gift her doll to another little girl to love. My daughter gave all her massive Barbie dolls worldly goods to little girls less fortunate and I am proud of her for doing so (even if I miss them too). American Doll Bliss...

  3. so adorable, its fun especially to knit a project and get it done so quickly. The doll clothes are great, I think the chef's hat is brilliants and well done. Usually when I see commercial doll clothes the details are horrible and there are always strings hanging off the clothes or buttons that are falling off. Your doll clothes will look classy on any doll.
    good job

  4. Too Cute! Much more creative than my turning my scraps into hexies!
    xx, Carol

  5. You are creating great doll clothes Daryl! That sundress and sweater are especially sweet.
    My sister-in-law makes these size doll clothes too. The parents at her grandchildren's Catholic school give her outgrown uniforms and she then makes mini uniforms for dolls. They are a big hit, she can't make them fast enough. She also uses them to raise a lot of money for the school's charity auction each year. She too bought a less expensive, yet similarly sized doll.

  6. These are so sweet, Daryl... I really wish I could see them "modelled". Have you considered making yourself a rag doll that would suit the purpose? Many years ago, I bought a couple of "peek-a-boo" dolls (don't know what else to call them - they were meant to stand in a corner with their backs to you) that were both very well clothed and seeing these creations of yours reminded me of them. Great job!


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