Sunday, June 14, 2015

Feather and Fan Knit Throw

I wanted to use up my worsted weight acrylic yarn, so I decided to knit a wavy blanket and change colors every few rows. I never know for sure how far my skeins of yarn will take me. This turned out as a nice size baby blanket. The pattern is a free pattern called the Feather and Fan Throw on Ravelry. It's an easy pattern to knit too.
Used up yarns of purple, pink, white, blue and a variegated yarn of purple, pink and white.
Oops I see a hair on the blanket there, lol!!!
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  1. I have always loved this pattern, it is easy and its classy. to me its an old fashion pattern and I have 2 throws at home that I made out of wool with the ripple affect pattern. its a great way to use up yarn because you just keep adding new colors.
    thanks for sharing and great job

  2. I recently used up all my acrylic yarn making baby hats. Then when I tried to do a provisional cast on I had no worsted weight acrylic. Guess what? I now have a whole skein of the most obnoxious brightest neon orange worsted weight acrylic yarn. I figured I would be able to see this in the stitches to remove them.

  3. It is beautiful, Daryl, and will be loved by some precious baby.


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