Thursday, June 11, 2015

Girlfriend Bag

I tested a bag for a new-to-me designer, Imaz of ImazzPatterns. This mini bag was fun to sew and has a hidden pocket in the middle, a zippered pocket, a flap, a large slip pocket and if you want to you can add an additional zippered pocket. I opted not to add the additional pocket. You can make the strap adjustable to wear across your body or shorten it to wear on your shoulder or even use the bag as a clutch. I made my strap long enough to wear across the body, but non-adjustable. You could even make a wrist strap for it if you want to. It's a perfect size for a young girl, teen, or adult when you want to carry just a few items with you.

The instructions are very good and there are lots of photos so you can see how things are supposed to be looking too. I chose bright fun spring colored fabric to make my version. You can have fun mixing and matching fabrics or use all one fabric. If you would like to make this bag too, you can find the Girlfriend Bag pattern on Craftsy here.

I used a patchwork fabric and a pink polka dot fabric as the lining and accent fabric.
A double stacked button I added as a nice accent on the flap.
I made a zipper pull for the zippered pocket.
Side view shows the two pockets that are sewn together.
The zippered pocket and the large slip pocket are under the flap.
Here I unzipped the pocket.
Between the 2 pockets is a smaller hidden pocket.
The back of the bag.

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  1. Loving the zipper pull, Daryl. A sweet little bag.

  2. I tested this bag as well and I love it. Your version is beautiful. I can't wait to make more.

  3. I really like your version of the bag, very cute! I am a sucker for bags with tons of pockets, they help keep me organized.

  4. thanks Daryl. your version is very pretty. it should be renamed Pretty Girlfriend ! lol !
    I love the sweet color combination. my daughters are now wanting the same one...haha! now i have to copy from you...LOL!!

  5. Cute, cute bag! I love the little dangling charms!

  6. Such a cute bag! I've been searching Pinterest for inspiration for a bag to make for my daughter. This one is so cute, and I love the "made wiht love" charm. I'm pinning this!

    1. Thank you so much! You are a no-reply so I couldn't email you directly. This is a great bag for a girl and you will love making it,


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