Friday, December 26, 2014

Black Rib Knit Scarf

I knit another rib scarf in a soft black yarn. Even though I block my scarves, some scarves still want to curl in. Even scarves with a garter or seed stitch edge sometimes curl in after blocking. I guess it's the yarn I use or the needle size that has something to do with it? Any other knitters have this problem with curling? Do you have any suggestions as to why this happens and what I can do to prevent it or how to block the curl flat? I know some stitches don't curl, but I am following some patterns and they don't looked curled on the pattern or tutorial. The charcoal gray yarn I used did not curl in, but this one did and I knit the same rib pattern.
I smoothed the scarf flat before I took the photo. You can see the lower part of the scarf has curled in a bit, but it's more curled in now.

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  1. The scarf is beautiful, Daryl. I have done some crocheting but not knitting so I can't be of any help. I love it anyway.

  2. I love it and it would match my winter coat perfectly. It's years and years since I've knitted anything so can't be of much help.


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