Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sewing Purse {February 2015 Update too}

I made this (Tammy) bag as a gift for a friend of mine. It can be used as a sewing bag (or in a different fabric it works well as a makeup bag too).  I had some metal purse frames already and used what I had. One thing I learned about using the metal frames is that some frames open wider than others. I didn't know this before I purchased my frames. So if you want a frame to open wide, then you need to buy a purse frame that is not short on the sides. The longer the sides of the frames are the wider they open. So while this purse works, it would be nicer to open wider. I think I will use the rest of the purse frames I have to make eyeglass cases because they do not need to open real wide or be very deep. Sorry Bobbie I didn't have the wide frame for your bag :0( The frame can be easily replaced if you find a wider frame, since you sew the frame in place. This is one reason I like the sew on frames, rather than the glue on frames, plus I know I would probably make a mess with the glue and ruin the bag, lol!*** See UPDATE scroll down to ***
This side has a full pocket. The other side has a divided pocket. I added a little charm on the frame too.
Inside there is a full pocket and another divided pocket.
I made the pocket on this side divided. I added a charm on the bag too.
  ***Update February 2015: I found the right size purse frames and re-did the frame for this bag I made for Bobbie. The following photos show the bag with the new frame and how wide it now opens.
This is the new purse frame I sewed to the bag after removing the silver one above.
See how nice an wide the bag opens now?

The bag is usable now that you can see inside and put your hand in more easily.
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  1. That is a cute little bag. I have not tried the metal frames yet, so its good to know about the different sizes. I did look locally here, but didn't find any when I was looking a couple of months ago, so I guess I would have to buy online. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cute bag, Daryl. I've not made a purse with a frame, but it is on my to do list.

  3. Pretty little bag. Thanks for the tip about frames. I have only used zippers for bags, but want to try the metal.

  4. Very cute. I made some frame bags a couple of years ago and I glue them. I have never tried the sewn ones. They look very nice and professional. I'm taking a break from sewing because I have family visiting but I have to get to it soon. I hope you had a great holiday!

  5. It's lovely and I love how you always manage to choose fabrics that are appropriate for what the item is to be used for. I have a frame that I bought on my last visit to Spain over four years ago. That's how behind I am on my to do list. LOLL

  6. Super cute! Love the sewing themed fabric too. (Have I told you how much I envy you your fabric stash??) Thanks for the info about the metal frames... I'll be sure to file that away for future reference.

  7. What a cute little purse. I've never worked with a metal purse frame so great tip about the longer sides!

  8. What a cute little bag. Cute fabric too.


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