Monday, August 25, 2014

Gray Knit Shrug

I began knitting this shrug because I loved the look of the knit stitch. I thought I had enough yarn, but as I was beginning to run out of yarn, I found another gray yarn that I had and thought I would start knitting it in so it wasn't an abrupt change in yarns. When I tried this shrug on after it was finished, it wasn't large enough in the front to cover my bust area. I loved how it looks from the back though. Oh well it was hard to know from looking at the photo of the pattern how it would look on me. The arms look a bit weird on my dress form, lol!!! I figured that I may as well share some of my not-so-good projects with you too, lol!!! I don't even remember the name of this shrug or where I got the pattern from and can't seem to find the pattern anywhere now that I am posting this. Maybe I threw it out when it didn't work out for me? Who knows?
I started knitting in the lighter gray into the ribbing to transition from the darker gray yarn since I was running out of the darker gray yarn.
Even on my dress form you can see it's not large enough in the bust area.
I do like the knit stitch here on the back.
Close-up of knit stitch.

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  1. I actually kind of like it! Maybe you could add a ribbon tie across the front to keep it closed? But I don't think you'd even really need to (unless it's really bad, I guess, hahaha). But I do love how the grays play together!

  2. I love the knit stitch too! The two tone gray is nice...nice to see a happy mistake! Too bad it didn't fit well, it looks nice. Maybe there's a lucky little lady out there it will fit perfectly!


  3. For a "not so good project" it is still beautiful. Go my route...blame the pattern!

  4. Oh how sad to see your beautiful gray shrug is not going to fit properly. It looks like it is for Twiggy to wear. Your incorporation of the lighter gray yarn was brilliant. It is nice to see that everything is not a success...even though this looks beautiful. Just find a stick figure to wear it.

  5. I appreciate you sharing your less successful projects, we ALL have them. You can't try on something until its done so adjustments are hard to make after the fact. I wish photos of finished projects were better. I remember I use to subscribe to Vogue knitting but I got so frustrated with the artsy poses that didn't give me the angle I really needed to see in order to decide if I wanted to take the time to knit what they were showing me. I've seen sweater patterns that never showed you the back of the sweater, that's crazy to me. Thanks for sharing


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