Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Catch All Caddy

When I was in Oregon in July, I went to few quilt shops in the area. I saw a pattern for a caddy and knew I wanted to make it; it's The Catch All Caddy byAnnie. I bought the pattern and I made one caddy that I am now keeping my pigma pens, wax pastels, watercolor paints, etc. in. I love this caddy! I cut out more fabric to make one for my knitting tools and project, which I just finished and another for my sewing tools, which I am working on now. The pattern is from byAnnie design (she is the creator of Soft and Stable which is a great product for bag making). I was a bit confused at first by the inside bellowed "pockets" because I thought they were supposed to be pockets with the bottom sewn, but turns out they are dividers and they are open on the top and bottom. I worried that small things would fall into the bottom of the bag and it seemed  odd to have the bottom of these open. But as I thought about it more, I realized there are 7 pockets on the outside that can hold smaller items, and as I am using these bellowed dividers I really like them. Here is the first caddy I made (I am still sewing one for my sewing tools and will post it when I am finished).
I chose a fabric that I already had that has craft supplies on the fabric, like paint brushes, scissors, thread, paint, etc. I didn't have enough to make the outside pockets in that fabric too, so I chose to use a purple fabric for the pockets. This side has 3 divided pockets.
This side has 2 divided pockets that are quilted.
Looking down into the caddy you can see the bellowed dividers that are open on the top and the bottom.
This side has a slip pocket.
The other side has a zippered pocket. I added binding to both tops and bottom of the zipper because I thought it was easier to sew this way. The pattern shows adding only one binding strip above the zipper.
My art supplies fit perfectly inside the caddy,
Next is the caddy I made for my knitting tools and project. The cute sheep fabric was a birthday gift last year from my friend Tara. I knew I wanted to use this fabric for a knitting bag of some kind, so when I finished my first caddy, I decided to make this knitting one next. I added a couple of polka dot fabrics that I already had and I really love how this one came out.

FYI: I used the Soft and Stable byAnnie in the knitting caddy, and in the art supply caddy I used fusible fleece and lightweight interfacing. They both work, but the Soft and Stable really does hold it's shape nicely. Soft and Stable is like headliner foam only there is a thin fabric on both sides of the foam, whereas headliner foam has a thin fabric only on one side and just the foam on the other side. I have sewn bags with fusible fleece, headliner foam and now this caddy below with the Soft and Stable. Soft and Stable is a bit denser than headliner foam. The headliner foam is a tad cheaper per yard than Soft and Stable, and Soft and Stable is 58" wide versus 54" wide for headliner foam. After using both products, I really do like the Soft and Stable better. It bounces back better than headliner foam and if feels nicer too. Both quilt very easily and the hot iron hasn't bothered it one bit either. Neither are fusible though and I do like the ease of using a fusible fleece too. I suppose you would choose your stabilizer depending on what you are making and how you will use the item. For instance, if I make a camera bag or a bag to hold a tablet or laptop, etc. then I would want the cushioned protection of using Soft and Stable. If it's just a handbag, I might choose fusible fleece for it's ease of use and because it costs less. I sure hope Annie is planning to make a fusible version of Soft and Stable soon....hint, hint, lol!!! (I am not an affiliate and do not earn any money from anyone. This is strictly my own comments and opinions).
The Catch All Caddy holds my knitting tools and project. This side has 2 large divided slip-in pockets and the opposite side has 3 divided slip-in pockets. The hardest part to sew was the bias binding round the curves because it was rather thick and fiddly going around the curves. I sewed a lot of the bias binding by hand.
Looking down inside the caddy show the bellowed dividers.
Side pocket on this side and the opposite side has a zippered pocket.
My current knitting project and knitting tools inside.
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  1. So cute and so practical! The sheep are my favorite..what a perfect theme for yarn.

  2. Gorgeous ans useful.The second one is my best fav.Have a fun day!

  3. How cute!! I especially love the sheep! I should make something like this--when I crochet or knit something it all gets shoved in a big totebag that isn't terribly convenient to use for such a purpose.

  4. Daryl, these bags are adorable AND functional - perfect!!!! Love the cute knit bag fabric :)

  5. Those are quite beautiful! I could not help but prefer the black, white and red caddy. It's just gorgeous with the red and white polka dot lining. The first caddy is also gorgeous with its purple pockets, mind you. I would not have jumped on this idea of bellowed dividers at first but they look functional from your pictures. And as you said, there's many regular pockets all around the bags.

  6. Those are absolutely beautiful! Happy stitching!

  7. Great bags! Bosal has a foam interfacing that is a fusible and it's like Soft 'n Stable. Right now Keepsake Quilting has it on sale for $4.99 for a 36" x 58" piece. Just go to and do a search for Inn-R-Form Foam Fusible or just Foam Fusible.

  8. What a great tote! Isn't it great when you have one place to put it all?

  9. Oh my do I love these. What a great pattern and the fabrics are really neat. I like organized options like these totes. Looks like fun too.

  10. OH WOW these are fantastic and which crafter wouldn't love one of these:) LOVE the pockets on the sides, perfect!!

  11. What a wonderful caddy pattern, and you have done a fantastic job - love both fabrics and I think you can never have too many pockets for all our supplies

  12. They are both fabulous but the sheep one is truly special. Combining it with the polka dots is great. I think you are on to making a really practical and lovely tote. the pockets do make sense even though they are open at the bottom. I love the size and the detail. The fabrics you used really show off all the little touches really well. Of course your eye for detail is what makes it shine. Great job

  13. Beautiful bags as always Daryl. These look so useful for a lot of things and I love the slip pockets inside.

  14. Both bags are wonderful! They look great with all your supplies tucked inside. What a lot of work... But sew worth it! Nice job!

  15. Love the bags and the fabric. Too cute

  16. Very pretty, colorful and efficient looking caddies. Great find w/that pattern.

  17. Okay....I have to say these are my favorite! Love how sturdy and useful they are...also how stinking cute your fabric combinations are!


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