Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alphabet Quilt

I designed and created an Alphabet Quilt over 14 years ago (in 2000) and then with the encouragement of a friend created a pattern for it. I sold it as a paper pattern first and then along came Craftsy and I turned it into a pdf and started to sell the pattern on Craftsy a few years ago. In all the years that I have sold this pattern, I have never been contacted about this pattern with a question until a few months ago. Joanne Noyes emailed to ask me something and one thing lead to another and I asked her if she would send me a photo of the quilt when she finished the quilt. Joanne did a beautiful job! Joanne had the quilt quilted by a long arm quilter, Shirley York of Blue Moose Quilting in Rumford Maine, who also did a wonderful job. Joanne gave me permission to share her quilt on my blog. It is so thrilling for me to see the finished results from a pattern that I designed that someone else has made. (Now I know how some of those bag designers must feel when bag testers like myself test their bag patterns). Here is Joanne's Alphabet Quilt~
The quilt top. Joanne made some changes like adding the applique pig, block, and gingerbread boy, (instead of the flower, heart and star that are on the pattern) which are darling changes.
The finished quilt. See the quilting on the black border and the great quilting on the quilt. Nicely done Joanne and Shirley. Thanks for sharing your quilt with me Joanne (and now all of my followers and visitors too).
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  1. What a great job by all involved, including you, Daryl.

  2. I have always loved this pattern. I've used it so many times in so many different ways. I've made pillows with "I love Tea" written on them and I've used them for just adding my kids initials. I highly recommend that other people buy it.

  3. Oh WOW! Daryl this is a fantastic quilt Joanne made:) I hope you are well.


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