Monday, April 14, 2014

Patchwork Drawstring Bag & a Bunny Drawstring Bag too

I wanted to make a drawstring bag that would hold my shoes when I travel. The tutorials I have for drawstring bags are both for smaller drawstring bags that wouldn't be large enough. I decided to use this tutorial and use up scraps from the bags I recently made and to double the size of the bag, or at least double the number of squares used. This tutorial called for 4 squares across by 4 down for a total of 16 squares for one side of the bag. I made mine 8 squares x 8 squares for a total of 64 squares for one side of the bag. I made my bag patchwork on both sides, so I used 128 squares in making this bag. Although I sewed my strips together and then cut them, rather than actually cutting 128 squares. I also used batting scraps and quilted the bag too. This bag came out huge! A lot larger than I thought it would be, But that's okay I can certainly stuff more than just shoes into this bag, lol!!!
You can see some fabrics from in here from the Convertible Bag (from the Bag-of-the-Month Club) that I made. Also I made a matching wallet and the Great Getaway bag from those same fabrics. The swirl fabric is from the Fiesta Bag I made and the lighter fabrics are some of the lining fabrics that I used from those bags. Plus I threw in a few more pinks like the kitty fabric.

My blog friend Maria made the original size of this bag and used patchwork on one side, but I wanted to use up more scraps, so I did patchwork both sides. 
I found the tutorial for making this drawstring Bunny Bag online here
It's empty right now, but it will look cute once it's filled with some goodies.
I will give this to my grandson this week.

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This bunny bag is featured on Val's Blog
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  1. Beautiful bag. Too pretty to hide in a suitcase. The bunny bag is the perfect gifty tote too. Very cute idea.

  2. The shoe bag is a good idea for using up scraps. I like the little bunny bag, your grandson will love it.

  3. Love the colours in the patchwork bag, Daryl. Your shoes will travel in style. Cute little bunny bag.

  4. Daryl...let me know if I can highlight this post tomorrow for Bunnies and Baskets. V:)

  5. Great idea to have a shoe bag for traveling. I'm leaving soon and I won't have time to make one but it will be on my sewing list. The bunny bag is very cute. I'm sure your grandson will love it.

  6. Both are gorgeous and sure your grandson will be delighted with his bunny bag!

  7. Oh my goodness, the bunny bag is too cute and I'm sure your grandson will LOVE it. OMG! I also LOVE LOVE the shoe bag idea and I think I can make one of those with my Stampin' Up! fabric, thank you for the idea! Have a great week.

  8. I have got to make a shoe bag, you're brilliant. I seem to always be carrying a pair of shoes for something and they are messy. I usually put them in an oversized bag that does not close at the top and they often fall out. Your bag is perfect. I LOVE all the little squares and some of those fabrics are so adorable. I really like the whole design. I need to make myself one soon. thanks for the excellent idea. I really like your patchwork version.

  9. Both bags are gorgeous! Your grandson will love the rabbit one! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Easter!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  10. Oh my word you have been busy!!!! and bloglovin forgot to tell me. Your patchwork bag is beautiful. I'm actually in the middle of making a purple one now but not as big as yours. I'm using a different method for doing the patchwork and it comes together supper quick. I finished a yellow one this morning using the same method.
    Your bunny bag is so adorable. Your grandson is going to love it. I'm going over to save the tutorial for when my kids give me grand bunnies LOLLL

  11. Your shoes are very lucky to get to travel in such a beautiful bag Daryl!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  12. Beautiful projects, I really liked your idea of ​​making a largest drawstring bag. Beautiful colors ..... makes me want to start one like yours, the patchwork you've done is terrific, and with 128 squares! !!!!!. The drawstring Bunny Bag is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the links to the tutorials ... I will go visit them, as well as Maria's blog to see her drawstring bag :)
    Thank you .

  13. The Bunny bag is lovely! Maybe I'll make one for my niece before Sunday. Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. This is me again... I made the bag (and just published a post about it). Thank you for including the link to the tutorial in your post. That was a fun project.

  15. Love the bunny bag. Thanks for joining us at Inspire Us Thursday!

  16. What a pretty shoe bag. And that bunny bag is adorable!

  17. The bunny bag is too cute! Love it!

  18. What a pretty shoe bag or whatever you stick in it. That bunny bag is so cute. I can see it filled with easter goodies. ;o)
    Thanks for the tutorial.


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