Friday, April 18, 2014

Weekend Link Party #2

Last Friday I had my first ever Link Party here and there were fourteen links! Thank you to those who linked up here. This is a new adventure for me and I am still learning about this. One thing I learned was I didn't read the fine print where InLinkz says the first link up you get a free trial of thumbnail photos, after that the links will be in text only....unless you pay a monthly fee. Lol!!!! Okay I am too cheap and I don't make any money from my blog, so I am sticking with the free version of the text only. I really liked those thumbnail photos and how you could crop them too. Oh well I hope some of you will still link up even if you have to click on the text to see what is linked. So I encourage those of you who link up here to write a really good title so that we know what you are linking. If it is a quilt, please use quilt in the title. If it is a bag, use bag in the title and so on. That might help those who are looking to click on the titles that might interest them. We don't always have the time to view everything and I know I spend a lot of time on the computer, so I am sure you do too. Plus if you are only interested in certain things, this will help the viewers determine if they want to visit you this time or not.

Also would you prefer that I ask you to post things that are related to a particular theme? Or do you prefer to link anything? When you link up with other link parties do you like themes or not? I appreciate your feedback.

So for now please feel free to link whatever you want here.

You can grab my Weekend Link Party Button here or on my sidebar. Thanks!
Patchouli Moon Studio's Weekend Link Party
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  1. I appreciate the fact that you don't have ads popping up all over your blog. Also, I'd prefer any kind of needle work or crafts. It takes me a long time to make a quilt because I hand quilt them, so I don't get to link to quilt parties very often. But I almost always have some kind of craft going on here. So I like the linky parties that include all kinds of crafts.

  2. Hi! In answer to your question, I would prefer to be able to link "anything". I don't complete very much each month (maybe two small items) and being limited to a particular category would really make it impossible for me to link most times.

  3. I prefer 'anything'. I'm interested in most crafts and even the ones I don't do I enjoy seeing. Thanks for the linky party, it's easy to link up to and I like that there's a title by the link, it makes it so much easier to see which ones to click on.

  4. Maybe "anything" and now and then toss in a surprise. Like Memorial Day weekend make "patriotic-anything". But it is your blog and you decided. Linky parties are great for making new connections to other stitchers/crafters. Thanks for providing this outlet and thanks to the great linkers.

  5. Daryl Dear I see you have been very busy. I have been MIA and now am trying to catch up on your posts I missed. Love your linky parties and will need to spend extra time on them. Beautiful Zig-Zag blanket you knitted. Fun patchwork bag in great colors. I love your little bunny bag and it reminds me of some I used to make when my daughter was little. Of course I have none left. I am always so in awe of your creative talents. Happy Easter my friend...


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