Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Knit Zigzag Baby Blanket

I had a lot of miscellaneous scraps of baby size yarn, so I decided to knit a baby blanket in a zigzag design so that I could use up a lot of these leftover yarn balls I had.
At first I was knitting a pattern of so many rows per color, but I ended up with way too many yarn tails to weave in, so I decided to knit wider rows of each color instead.

You can see where I started this blanket on the right side with the narrower rows and then where I switched to the wider rows. Some of the yarn was variegated so it looks like narrower rows because of the way the yarn knit up.
I will probably donate this blanket.  I might also use up my thicker weight yarns and knit a larger blanket like this too because it was easy to knit and a good way to use up my miscellaneous leftover yarns.
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  1. this classic pattern has always been one of my favorites. I think it looks great and the various widths of your scallops only make it more interesting. Having worked in high risk OB I don't recommend knitted blankets that have open holes in them for newborns because babies can get their fingers or toes twisted up in them. I've seen it and its scary. Its sweet and generous of you to want to donate your lovely creation.

  2. Very pretty and a good way to use up your leftover yarn. I have a lot of little sock yarn balls to use up. I will probably make some striped socks or something with them.

  3. What a precious blanket. You are so talented and generous!!

  4. Lovely colours and you can't tell you changed your mind, it looks like part of the design. You're doing really well using up your scrap fabrics and yarn. Well done.

  5. That's very pretty! All the colors go so well together, and the different size stripes make it interesting.

  6. I never saw scrap yarn look so good.

  7. It looks beautiful! I don't knit, so you've totally impressed me!

  8. WOW! beautiful and I love the zig zag pattern with those lovely colors:) I'm sure some one will love it once you donate it:) Have a wonderful evening.

  9. Hi Daryl, this blanket is just gorgeous!!!.... After almost a month of absence, here I am back to the blogging world. Today I dedicate the morning to visit my favorite blogs .. and here I am! I love your blanket, beautiful colors and I also like the combination of colors is fantastic. Very good use of left overs!
    Marisa from Passion et Couture :)

  10. So pretty. Thanks for joining us at Inspire Us Thursday!

  11. Hi Daryl, What a wonderful way to use up your scraps and it looks beautiful, someone will be very happy to receive such a special handmade gift. Bobbie

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