Monday, February 10, 2014

My Newest Bag~The Fiesta Bag

I checked out a book from the library with a lot of cute bags in it. The book is called Sewing Pretty Little Things: How to Make Small Bags and Clutches From Fabric Remnants. (The link is to Amazon and not my local library, lol!!) I loved nearly all the bags in this book. But my favorite bag is the one I made here. I will tell you that you probably need some bag making experience to use this book because in order to change things like adding or substituting elements you need to know how to do that. I found some of the instructions for making this bag to be rather vague or incomplete, so if you have never made more than a simple tote bag, you might have trouble figuring out some of the steps.

 I love how my bag turned out and I will be making this one again and making more changes as well. I like using more than one fabric too. The fabrics I used for this bag are fun and bright, so I am calling it The Fiesta Bag. I used some fat quarters and the main fabric I had 1/2 yard of and then found this cute novelty fabric for the lining and the colors worked perfectly together. I used fabrics up from my stash to make this one. I am keeping this bag for myself to use too.
My Fiesta Bag! (in the book it's called the Working Girl's Shoulder Bag, too boring of a name for my bag though, lol!!!) Oh by the way that white stuff on the fence is snow.
I wanted to use a magnetic snap for the flap, but I had to use Velcro. If I had used the snap I wouldn't have been able to sew the top flap to the bottom flap because the snap would have been in the way. I may change the design a bit on the next one of these I make to accommodate a snap instead.
The back of the bag has a zipper pocket.
My zipper pull of course.
All my crap , uh belongings inside the bag. The book showed a leather strap with a hook and ring so that you can hook it together to cinch in the side of the bag. The book shows how the bag looks with and without it being hooked. But after making this I felt I really didn't need to hook it. So for now I am using the hook to hook my keys on and I will rip out the strap on the right with the ring.
The next day I decided I would make a matching wallet with whatever fabrics I had leftover from making the bag. After making changes to the bag and doing that rather well, for some reason my brain misread a cutting measurement for this wallet and then that caused me to place one side of the magnetic snap off center! Luckily I caught it in time to put the other side of the magnetic snap off center too so that it would at least work. I guess we all have our off days, huh? 
Even with my goofs, this wallet turned out nice enough for me to use. I will be making some more of these too. My blog friend Maria has made tons of  wallets  and her sewing skills put me to shame :0{ Of course she has perfected these wallets because she has sewn dozens of them!!! 
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  1. Fabulous bag. I love all the inside pockets too.

    1. Thanks Val! I couldn't email you personally because you are a no-reply. I think it's because you have Google+. Since Google+ has problems and makes a lot of bloggers a no-reply, I never wanted Google+ for myself. I was going to make a comment on your blog, but I do not want Google+ and all the trouble that comes with it, so I couldn't even comment on your blog because I would need to have Google+ to do so. Hope you return to read this.

  2. I really like that bag. Everything about it is nice - the colors of the fabrics, the metal rings, the zipper on the back, and especially the cute zipper pull. The matching wallet is nice, too.

  3. The bag has a very nice shape and you did a great job picking the fabrics. It really says: Fiesta!! The flap is very cute.

  4. Love your fabric choices for this one. Especially that lime piece! You are the Queen of the Bags!

  5. Great bag and matching wallet. I too like all the inside pockets in the bag. Your zipper pulls looks so pretty too.

  6. Hi Daryl:) You used some fun and cute fabric, the bag sure looks like it has plenty of space. I also loved the added charm:) Happy Monday!

  7. Very nice work as usual Daryl....and I am the last person who can knock you for making any sort of GOOFS....especially since I 'forgot' your sewist interview! :0 LOLLL

  8. Hi Daryl, great bag. when I first say it the swirls on the fabric reminded me of embellishments you have added in the past. its all great, I especially love inside of the bag, great pockets. the wallet is wonderful and the beauty of making something for yourself is that you can have a matching wallet. I also like the curve of the flap.

  9. I just love your Fiesta Bag Daryl!!! So bright and happy - and so much room inside with lots of pockets - perfect!!!

  10. I thought that wallet looked familiar LOLLL As always you chose such pretty fabrics, the bag is really nice, a simple design that has loads of room inside. Love all the pockets, keeping everything easy to find.
    You're wallet matches perfectly and I wouldn't have noticed your magnetic button was off center.

  11. Great job. Always like your color choices. It looks like the perfect bag with all the inside pockets. The zipper on the back is clever.

  12. What a neat tote and I really like the zipper on the back too! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  13. This Fiesta bag looks like a party to go. How fun to also create a wallet to match. Beautifully Done Dear...

  14. Beautiful, I love the fabrics, the colors , I love all, the bag, the wallet....the zipper pull !!! Thank you for sharing all the information about your bag and the book.....from here I go to Amazon!

  15. You should link this to the Craft Book Sew Along
    Very Fiesta!


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