Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Batik Scraps and a New Project

I am probably crazy for cutting up 100's (or is it thousands?) of batik scraps into 1/2" wide strips, but I have an idea and I wanted to start by using my scraps rather cutting up perfectly good batik yardage (in case this idea doesn't work out as planned). Plus I want a scrappy and colorful look for this hair brain I mean brilliant idea! Okay it all started when I was reading a blog I follow called Made by Me in Red. Marcy had knit a couple of bags made out of batik strips. That of course got me thinking. I have a book about knitting with fabric strips, so I took it out and as I was looking at the book, the wheels started churning and I thought I could cut up that huge bag of batik and hand dyed fabric scraps that I have into 1/2-inch strips and use those to create the yarn I needed to knit a bag. I am not sure what bag style I will knit, but this will be a great way to use up those batik scraps and if it comes out great and if I want to make another knit bag, I might save myself a lot of time and cut up batik yardage. But if it doesn't work out the way I plan, then I will have invested only my labor. After all I will continue to acquire fabric scraps with my quilt making and other bag making projects anyway and this could be a great way to use up some of those scraps. This is going to take me quite a while to slit-knot all these strips together to create a huge ball of yarn, but the knitting should go quickly. I hope to line the bag with some pockets as well. But for now at least the strips are cut.
My basket is overflowing with 1/2" wide batik strips of all different lengths.
This will make a very colorful bag...if I ever get all the strips slit-knotted together into one huge ball of yarn. See what you started Marcy? Lol!!!
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  1. I´m looking forward to see the results of all those strips. It seems to be an adventurous projects.
    Have a great day

  2. This sounds like an interesting project. I've never done this type of thing so I don't know why I'm sticking my 2 cents in but..... could you sew your strips together instead of slit knots. Sewing sounds so much faster and I'm all into speed.

  3. Hi Daryl. I have done this before but with crocheting. It will be great, just wait and see. I get my 1/2" pieces from a LQS that saves me all the pieces they cut off to even off the ends of their fabrics. I get them by the bagful! I must do something with them so crocheting bags is the end result, also bowls. I may try knitting now that you mention it. Slip-knotting is the boring part and the seemingly never-ending part! I wonder if I'm a no-reply blogger as I have left you comments before but no replies. I get replies from others but today one blogger told me I was a no-reply. Not sure why I am a no-reply for some and not others!!!! My email is marsha.hodgkins@yahoo.com if you feel like replying. Thanks and I hope you have fun!

  4. Daryl this basket of jewels/strips will make the most beautiful knitted bag. I look forward to seeing your progress. And remember...your labor is priceless when you create gifts from your heart and hands! Joyful Bliss Dear...

  5. Best of luck Daryl. I'm so looking forward to seeing your knitted bag when it's finished, the colours are perfect. I suppose you could make a knitted rug with these scraps also.

  6. Hi Daryl, I went to the website you mentioned to see the knitted bags, they're nice but I like it when you use your scraps to make baskets that are clotheslines wrapped with fabric. Those batiks would be perfect for a project like that.

  7. Ha ha! Glad I got you started. Can't wait to see what you are up to. The pattern I used called for bias cuts, but I can't imagine batiks stretching cut in any direction. I had a friend try the pattern with cotton and the bag got bigger everytime I saw it. In the pattern, the lining was fused! Can you imagine? That may keep it from stretching and give it more body. However, I hand stitched the lining in place and have not noticed any stretching. And as far as body goes, hey knitting with batik gives it lots of body. Great idea using your scraps for a very colorful look. Thanks for the link back to my bags.

  8. Looks like just the right kind of scraps for locker hook! You can make rugs, trivets and other fun stuff with strips. It uses the same joining technique. I don't make a ball, I just join a few yards at a time so I can change colors when I like. You could make that ball while in a writing room, visiting with a friend or watching TV. It's a fairly mindless task. Locker hook is simple, fast and fun! A great way to use up scraps or ugly fabric.

    1. Thanks for your comment. You are a no-reply so I couldn't respond via email since I don't have your email. I have a friend who does locker hook rugs. I just do so many crafts as it is that I didn't want to get into another one. I use scraps for so many things already like making bowls, scrappy zip pouches and knitting, crocheting and toothbrush rugs.


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