Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Felted Knit Bags

I knit a few little bags and then felted them. I am never quite sure how much they will shrink in the felting process. One I used wool and eyelash yarn, one was mohair and wool and the last one was just wool. These would make cute doll handbags or business calling card holders or gift bags.
This little bag was knit with brown wool and a pale green mohair yarn. I put marbles inside this bag. Scroll down to see this bag with the marbles inside.
This little bag was knit with wool.
This little bag was knit with wool and eyelash yarn. All you can see is the eyelash yarn. It's a furry little bag, lol!!!
I put some flat marbles inside this bag. I can put business/calling cards in the bag and the marbles not only help the cards to be raised up higher so they are seen, but the marbles also weigh the bag down and act as a paper weight too.
This would also make a great gift bag for a small gift.
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  1. Those are too cute. I'd like to find some small gifts just to make these!

  2. Love, love love this little felted bag! And I love the name of your blog. Patchouli is my fave scent! Not sure how I found you, but I'm gonna follow you, for sure! Nice work you do here. Aloha

  3. So much time and work you have put into these adorable tiny little bags. They are beautiful and would be fun as table favors too for a Winter party. Great idea to hold calling/business cards. Creative Knitting Bliss Dear...

  4. OMG! these are so adorable and that 2nd one is a fun one:) OMG! for business cards, YES! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and continue with a great new week!

  5. these little bags are so useful, it makes anything you put in them that much more special and its a great way to use up small amounts of yarn. Very cute, I especially like how you added the draw string.

  6. These are so cute. I love the fluffy purple one.

  7. These are really adorable! Thanks for sharing! :) Christine
    ChrisW Designs


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