Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Arm Knit Cowl

I knit another cowl with the arm knitting method. This one I cast on 6 stitches instead of 10 that I did for my first arm knit cowl. I used a skein of yarn I already had for this one.
Oh you can see a bit of snow at the top of the cowl.
Close view.
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  1. I love the colors in this cowl. Do you remember what yarn you used?

  2. Beautiful. These are such pretty colours for the cold dreary weather.

  3. These cheerful color ought to bring sunshine to melt all that snow. Lovely arm knit cowl dear...

  4. Really cute. I am loving orange right now.

  5. Definitely beautiful, when I get time I will try to do it. I think that I like it more with 6 stitches instead of 10 ...I'll have to try. Thank you for sharing :)

  6. OMG! I LOVE the color so beautiful:)

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