Friday, January 31, 2014

Arm Knit Cowl

On Wednesday I helped out at a class on arm knitting at a local library. I hadn't actual done arm knitting before, but it was easy and really fast to make a scarf or a cowl. All you need is bulky or chunky weight yarn, or 2 or more strands of a lighter weight yarn held together and your arms. Your arms act as the knitting needles, but you do need your hands for grabbing the yarn too. If you are interested, Lion Brand Yarn has a video on arm knitting and you can also do a search for U-Tube videos on arm knitting as there are several out there.

The yarn we all used in the class was the kind you normally would use for making those ruffle scarves that are all the rage. I'm not that into ruffles, so I think this yarn looks better as an arm knit cowl or scarf rather than a ruffly scarf.
I love this color and this yarn has tiny sequins on it too.
This is how the knitting actually looks.
When worn it is harder to see the actual knit stitches, but I love how it looks. It only took about 30 minutes to make this scarf  too! 
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  1. Just half an hour!!! That's amazing. You've chosen one of my favourite colours and I love how the cowl has turned out.

  2. I heard about arm knitting but never saw a finished item. Yours is really beautiful. I have a skein here of some ruffle type yarn, I should try this just to get rid of the yarn. Thanks for sharing.

  3. VERY interesting technique. However, I know I'd get that caught on everything! It's pretty cool looking though and I really love the looks of that yarn!

  4. How interesting... what a pretty color and I love the little sequins too! And in no time flat to boot.

  5. This is such a lovely scarf! I have the desire to try this and just bought some yarn I think will work. How sweet of you to teach a class at the library. Looks like a really great birthday gift throughout this year. Creative Arm Knitting Bliss Dear...

  6. Hi!!!! It is very pretty!!!! Wow!!! Fast too!!!! I will check out the video!!!! Thank You

  7. OMG! I was watching some YouTube videos this past weekend on arm knitting and thought it was so cool and look at you with this beauty:) I will have to get some yarn and try it out. I love the color you used and it sure looks very pretty.

  8. Absolutely love this project! It is the first time I see a cowl made ​​with this technique. Thanks for sharing this project with us, you've made ​​me want to find out something more about it. Thanks for sharing the information with us, I really appreciated.
    Your cowl is beautiful, I love it !!!!!
    I'll see if I dare to make one like this , I will let you know!!!!!!
    Have a beautiful day and thank you for let me know about your post .....:)


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