Thursday, January 9, 2014

The La Luna Bag & Pattern

I created a bag pattern for a bag I recently made. I call it the La Luna Bag. You can now find the pattern available at Craftsy.
This was the first La Luna Bag with wooden handles I made.
I made this La Luna Bag in order to create the pattern that I am selling on Craftsy. These handles are plastic and a bit smaller, but since I had them already on hand I put them to use.
Maria of Mia's Creations happily agreed to test this bag pattern for me. Below is the bag that she made. Thanks Maria!
 Maria made her bag a little longer and that is one of the variations that you can do of course.
 Maria chose a beautiful print for her lining.
Maria made this wonderful flower from a zipper. Wow I love it! Please be sure and stop by Maria's blog and see all the beautiful things that she creates too.

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  1. Your newest bag is fabulous and how fun to see Maria's version. Stitching Bliss...

  2. I really enjoyed testing this one Daryl. It was quick to make and now I have a nice new bag thanks to you. It's about time those handles got used.

  3. This bag is very nice! A cute pattern, I'll take this pattern into consideration for the future. I really like the bag that was made by Maria. The flower made ​​from a zipper is beautiful ,the flower adds a touch to the bag! Beautiful pattern and beautiful creations!
    Marisa :)


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