Friday, August 2, 2013

Fabric Bento Style Lunch Tote & Flowers in the Garden

I bought a (Rove brand) plastic lunch container (which is BPA-free) for when I need to take a lunch to my applique group and when I watch my grandson I sometimes like to bring something to eat with me. So I needed something to carry it in. I thought about making a tote bag, but I didn't want one so deep that the container would be hard to get out. I also wanted to use Insul-Fab (by The Warm Company) to insulate it and keep the food cold. So I looked around online and got some ideas and then designed and made this insulated Fabric Lunch Tote, using the fruit and vegetable fabrics that I already had. I didn't have enough of any one fabric to make the outside of the tote, so I decided to make it scrappy. It closes at the front flap with Velcro and the handle buttons on top.
This is the Rove brand lunch container I purchased. I found this at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond. I really like this container. I am not being paid to promote anything here, I only like to inform my readers about what I do like and what I don't like whenever I come across various things that I try.
I like how it has 2 triangular sections to hold a sandwich and a salad or pasta, etc. Plus 2 small containers for condiments or small fruit, pudding, etc. and a spoon and fork that snap into the lid.
The top lid unsnaps and there is a harder plastic base so you can sit this on your lap when eating. Or if you need to heat up your food, you can empty it into the large base and add your sauce, etc. and heat it in the microwave.
Here is how it fits into the fabric tote that I made for it.
Top view with handle when all closed up.
Front of lunch tote, showing the flap.
What it looks like when it's empty inside. Salsa fabric, grape fabric and the lining of the handle is cherries and apples.
Moss rose in my garden.  They love this not so much.
Moss roses.
Yellow Moss Roses.
Desert Willow flower.
These are Mexican hat flowers.
Desert Willow flower.
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  1. Love your cute lunch box tote. Pictures of your flowers are beautiful. The moss roses reminded me of my mother's garden.

    1. Thank you Julia. Did you know you were a no-reply? I couldn't email you back, so hopefully you will read this?

  2. What a great tote you made! It's the perfect design for your lunch box.

  3. Thank you showing the container. It looks wonderful. I have to check it out. I love your tote. Great fabric choices. I have never used the insulation fabric you mentioned. I would love to know if it does keep your food cold. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Fantastic idea for the container, you always amaze me with your creativity Daryl!! OMG! loving all the flowers so beautiful!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  5. What a great idea Daryl - we have to take our lunch one day a week at the mission from one building to another. This would be perfect for that. And the days I work at school I always take my lunch so I could use it lots of times. I've not heard of that fabric - I've used Insul-Brite (I think). Is it similar? blessings, marlene

  6. What beautiful flowers. And I love your lunch box and tote fo rit...Very neat.

  7. Love your container and your bag looks gorgeous in those fabrics. We have Moss Roses here too but I've never seen the others. Your garden must look beautiful.

  8. This is a great lunch tote idea! Very inventive of you! And, oh, such pretty flowers!

  9. I was lucky enough to see this carrier up close and personal and let me tell you its even more adorable in person. Its not only extremely functional and custom made to fit the bento box perfectly but the fabrics are so fun. The flap is my favorite because of the riot of colors. I like how you mixed fruits and veggies together. Best lunch box carrier ever!!
    great photos of your flowers as well.

  10. Beautiful flowers!!!
    Love your lunch tote! You always design the neatest things!
    May need to see if I can find a set at our BB@B for my Bee mtgs:)

  11. Great job on your lunch box Daryl!!! I love the fun fabric too :*) May have to go pick up one of those at BB&B - I really like the four different pieces.

  12. Your foodie tote made me hungry, mission accomplished ! Perfect fabrics, great idea, you always make the neatest things !

  13. That is an awesome tote for lunch, very cute and I love all the fabrics you used. FUN!!! Thanks for sharing a great project and all those gorgeous flowers :^) Martha

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