Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sisters Quilt

I was inspired by Carrie's quilts on her blog Believe Magic , so I decided to make this quilt. I like how she uses text fabrics for the skin of people. Her quilt reminded me of my sister and myself when we were younger. So I took her basic design and added and changed some things to create my quilt. I want to make another similar quilt and I will keep one quilt and give one to my sister. I might change a lot more in the next quilt I make. I am very pleased how this turned out.

Jean of Sew Minty was so sweet and sent me some text fabrics a while back. Now you can see how I am using those text fabrics Jean, so thanks again. I used scraps for the rest of the quilt.
I zigzagged around the applique pieces in this quilt.
I used scraps of yellow and sewed them together to create the background of the quilt.
I love to stack buttons and the buttons were just what this bag needed.
The hat fabric was made by using a stencil and paint sticks. I used paint sticks on the black boots too.
Me and my sister. I am older and my hair is was darker, so that's me on the left, lol.
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  1. Daryl, I love your Sisters Quilt. What a wonderful quilt to give to your sister.

  2. This is such a cute quilt! I love the text fabrics for skin too. It adds a wonderful interest to the quilt. Nicely done!

  3. Oh my gosh Daryl ! I love this, no really I LOVE this !!! Text fabrics are fast becoming one my favorite things.Your sister will be thrilled to get this. The boots are an awesome touch. I went and checked out Carrie's blog too, thanks for the link, I really like her work as well.

  4. Your Sisters Quilt is sooo beautiful! i am so looking forward to seeing your next quilt!

  5. This is such a sweet quilt! I have several word fabrics and love the way it really does work so well as flesh. Hmmmmm..... more ideas and not enough hours in the day.... :)

  6. That so sweet, what a lovely idea and very well done!
    I just have a brother and I'm afraid that he won't appreciate a quilt with him and me *lol*

  7. Again, you are amazing. I love the idea of using text as skin color, it literally speaks volumes which is appropriate for sisters. Its the details that are always wonderful but I think in this quilt its your sense of color that really grabs my attention. I love the use of subtle color changes like in the background contrasted with the rich "popping colors". the small intense quilting gives it a lot of texture. WELL DONE

  8. WOW! Daryl, this is such a beautiful quilt and I love the font for Sister and the print fabric. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. Oh my!!! I just absolutely LOVE this little quilt Daryl!!! These "sisters" have such personality and life to them :*) You are always so creative with your techniques and embellishments - love the idea of using paintstiks to get the look you want out of your fabrics - genius!!!

  10. Finally I've been able to get onto your blog to leave a comment. My internet has been so slow it wouldn't open your blog.
    Anyway just wanted to tell you how amazing this quilt is and how special too. Love the little touches you've added like the buttons on the bag and I never would have thought the print fabric would look right for the face and body but it works perfectly.

  11. this is stunning...wish I had a sister....I have sister friends...but ....
    anyway, I just adore this...

  12. much work. It is beautiful!

  13. Visiting from Sew Many Ways link up. I love this.


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