Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tip of the Morning Tuesday: More Up-cycled Tins

Welcome back my friends to another Tip of the Morning Tuesday. Last Tuesday I showed you what to do with some small containers, and today I would like to show you what to do with some larger cocoa tins. Now they do not have to be cocoa tins, they could be could be tins that once held tea or coffee or something else. You get the idea.

First, I took 6 tins that are all the same size. I got out my Crop-A-Dile tool. Punched holes where I wanted to attach the tins. Put a brad fastener in the hole and opened the back of the brad to attach it. Now I have a place to put all sorts of tools and supplies. Like pencils and pens, rulers, markers, scissors, seam ripper, etc. Whether you place sewing items in the tins or crafting items, they all stay together instead of having separate tins. You can even add a handle if you want to carry it.
Here are some cocoa tins I had.
See where I attached the tins using a brad fastener.
My brad just happened to be in the shape of a heart.
Open up the back of the brad to keep the tins held together.
More heart brads in different colors here. Notice one of my tins is a different brand. You could paint your tins or decoupage them before you attach them with brad fasteners if you desire.
I store all my marking pens in these containers. I have washable markers, permanent markers and metallic markers in these tins.

Here are the lids. Now what did I do with the lids you might ask? I attached them the same way that I attached the tins.
I used round brads on the lids.

I placed small items in these tin lids. Small screwdrivers, sewing machine feet, etc. This sits in a drawer where I have other sewing machine tools and notions. 
You can purchase the Crop-A-Dile tool wherever they sell scrapbooking supplies. If you live where there is a JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or other stores that offer discount coupons off one item, you can take advantage of the coupon savings. You can find it online too at scrapbooking supply stores, Amazon.com, Overstock.com, too. Just do an online search. We R Memory Keepers is the name of the company who makes the Crop-A-Dile tool and they offer several tutorials on how to use the tool, as well as tutorials for other items too. If you have some other tool that will also punch through tin, then by all means
use it.

Decorate your tins first if you want to with paint, decoupage, trims, buttons, glitter, etc.
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  1. Daryl, how cleverly you've attached your tins! Thanks for sharing this great tip!

  2. Great idea! I use tins for storage, but never thought of hooking them together with a punch and brads. Thanks for the tip!

  3. That looks like a pretty handy-dandy tool to have Daryl! I'll have to look out for one at my Joann's. I love what you did with the tins!! I'm thinking a magnet on the underside of the lids would be perfect for pins and paper clips to stay put too :*)

  4. Excellent up-cycle idea. I have a crop-a-dile but I've only used it with paper. As you know I'm a HUGE tea drinker so I have a lot of tins waiting to be used. The tins are so wonderful and yet I've been at a loss as to what to do with them. You have inspired me again. thanks. Tara

  5. Tins for marking supplies is a good idea, but attaching them to each other is a great one !

  6. OMG! what a fantastic tip Daryl, this would definitely work for keeping my copic markers together! Love this tip:) I hope you are well and I'm sorry that I've been MIA, I enjoyed one last mini vacation before my son starts school on the 27th:) I'm off to see what I've missed. Thanks for sharing this fantastic tip!!!

  7. Thanks for the tip Daryl, I love the novel idea you used for attaching them together.

  8. I love your little heart brads
    thanks for sharing another up-cycle tip


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