Thursday, August 8, 2013

Nap Mat for my Grandson

My grandson is starting school in a couple of weeks and needed a nap mat. Since he is a tall boy (already 4' tall), the nap mats my daughter had seen were all rather short. So I said I would make a nap mat for him, making it longer and wider than the ones we saw for sale, plus I added  pillow too.  He loves it and is using it at home until school starts.
Here is the nap mat all rolled up. I appliqued his name using the Alphabet letters from my Alphabet Quilt pattern. The exterior fabric is a canvas-like fabric. I added a handle to carry it too.
I sewed the pillow in place so that the whole thing stayed together. I added a tab with a Velcro closure so that it's easy to roll up and close. The green fabric is a soft velour. I used 4 layers of a thick polyester batting to add some cushioning to the mat. So it's like a thick quilt.
The pillow I made by making a muslin pillow form and stuffing it with fiberfill, then placing the form into the velour pillowcase. I stitched the pillow to the mat and when he gets grows, he can flip the pillow up to allow for more room. 
Partially rolled up here. 
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  1. How lucky he is..All the other kids will be so jealous...

  2. Another great Patchouli Moon invention !

  3. What a great nap mat. I'm sure you've all taught him well that being different is a good thing. You might get orders from all the other Moms!

  4. OMG! I love this Daryl and what a great way for him to start school with such a fantastic nap sack from grandma!!!

  5. That is really cool! Nice job :)

  6. Love the nap quilt. it was a stroke of brilliance to add his name. Kids lose so many things and with his name on it everyone knows its his. I like the fabric you chose as well. Your alphabet pattern has come in handy for me countless times, its a fabulous pattern.

  7. This is gorgeous. He's a lucky boy to have you as his gran. I love how it's so portable too. Great to take anywhere.

  8. You are so darn talented!! Another inspiring project!!


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