Monday, August 12, 2013

Quilted Refrigerator Topper

Yes you read that right a refrigerator topper, lol. A few years ago my husband decided he wanted a small fridge because we rarely have enough food in a large one and that seemed so energy inefficient. So he found one that is rather deep so it does hold quite a bit, but it's short. Also there's no freezer. We rarely bought frozen food or froze fresh foods. I like fresh better and my only weakness was frozen desserts like coconut, soy or almond frozen ice cream-like products. Much better not to buy those and have them in the house anyhow or I'd eat the whole thing in one sitting! Since it's just the two of us we certainly didn't need a huge refrigerator, like when we were raising our children.

We watch PBS and a lot of shows from the BBC and we noticed that the Brits have small refrigerators like the one we bought. Not sure if they buy much in frozen foods, as those have a tiny freezer on most. I'm not sure if most people in the UK or Europe have small refrigerators now or if that was an older thing to do? Please my European readers (and other countries too) enlighten me about this.

Americans buy big huge refrigerators even if they don't have a large family. I noticed these refrigerators are getting larger and larger (so are some of the people...a coincidence?). While I like the look of the newer freezer-on-the-bottom type of refrigerator, (although this is nothing brand new as my childhood friend's family had one in the 60's) they are rather huge. So here is my little fridge with the veggie and fruit fabric topper:
I used fruit and vegetable fabric for this fridge topper as that seemed appropriate, lol.
I even added a watermelon print fabric for the back.
Here's the topper on the little fridge.
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  1. Your topper is beautiful. I've made dishwasher and washing machine toppers but never fridge toppers. Here we use huge ones. Mine is taller than me and so is my freezer but at one time when the kids were home we had two large freezers and two large fridges. That wasn't just for the four of us though LOLLL we also used to entertain a lot. Fruits and veggies are widely available all year round now but in the past they were seasonal so it was necessary to stock up for when the season finished. It's been years since I lived in the UK now but they did have smaller fridges when I was there and seeing them the same size as yours was not uncommon.

  2. Great little fridge topper. I like Maria's idea of make a topper for my washer and dryer. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That fridge would be too small for all the meals I make for my family, but it looks so cute with that topper on it! Love the fabric and design. I'd never thought to put one on my dryer...great idea!

  4. Such a cute idea. That sized frig is perfect for having a decorative topper to display! You've done a beautiful job on it!

  5. Morning Daryl:) Such a great idea and super cute small fridge! Great idea from Maria about the toppers for the washer and dryer:) Have a fantastic Monday!

  6. Super cute lil fridge. But not enough room for us. we have 2 large refrigerators and 2 large deep freezes as well. I shop in bulk and freeze lots of fresh veggies and such.

  7. Really cute fabrics for a fridge topper. Great idea. Small fridges are in most countries south of the US besides Europe.

  8. I need to do that for the one we have upstairs in the pool room. When my daughter graduated from college we kept her black dorm fridge to put beer and soft drinks in for upstairs. I'll have to go see about some appropriate fabric for the upstairs game room area.. Cute idea.


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