Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Sew Powerful Purses #73-78 (for 2022)

Hello my sweet butterflies, I have 6 more purses to show you that I am donating to the Sew Powerful Purse Project. 4 of them I upcycled some denim jeans to make them, which is fun to do and makes for a great purse too. I may just have to make one of these purses for myself one day in upcycled denim jeans (only I would need to make mine a bit larger to hold my stuff). 

I had cut out several appliqué shapes years ago that I used some in projects, but there were a lot that I didn't use, so it was time to find a home for some of the butterflies I had already cut and fused and were ready to be stitched onto something. The crumb pieced yellow and orange background fabric I also had stitched a few years ago and I thought they would make cheerful purse flaps by themselves, but when I was auditioning the butterflies on several purse flaps, the patchwork backgrounds here were the ones that just looked the best. So those pretty butterflies flew on top and there they stayed. 

The main body of the purses are from denim jeans I upcycled. I used the front pockets again as the back of the purse and my daughter's jeans were just the right size to be able to use the back pocket for the center purse above. Mostly I have been using husband's jeans and being larger the back pockets are just too large to add anywhere on these purses, so they will be used in other projects. (Maybe that larger version for me? We'll see). I thought it looked fun to be able to leave the waistband and a belt loop on the 2 purses. The pockets didn't sit up as high on the back by leaving the waistband in. I had cut it off on the first ones I made. I am always experimenting and learning.

This is also an upcycled denim jean purse. I used some leftover denim pieces to create the patchwork flap and the light fabric where the buttons are sewed to is the lining of the purse.

Lots of  calico fabrics in this purse. Can we call these fabrics vintage? They seem vintage now to me.

Another patchwork flap with a few buttons. This flap as well as the 2 above this one are sewn crazy quilt style, but without adding all the fancy stitches as in a true crazy quilt. Maybe one flap I just might stitch some machine stitches over the crazy pieces flap. It might be fun to try that.

I am working on about 7 more purses right now too. Most are nearly done. I like to sew with the matching thread color like blue thread on blue purse pieces and pick out all the pieces that need to be sewn with blue thread and sew those. Then if I need to switch to another thread color I do and I finish all the pieces with that thread color. So I usually have purses in various stages of completion, but it makes it easier not to have to keep changing thread colors for each purse and eventually all the purses get done.
Happy stitching my friends.

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  1. I especially like the butterfly ones in this newest batch of bags.

  2. Those butterflies are so bright and cheerful, but all are awesome!


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