Saturday, May 7, 2022

Handknit Dishcloth/Washcloths

Hello beautiful knitters and non-knitters too. I was recently commissioned to knit 6 dishcloths/washcloths for a friend. 

If you knit, most likely you have made a dishcloth before and the most popular dishcloth is knit on the diagonal, adding increases until to reach the halfway point and then you start decreasing until you have just a few stitches left. It is a great way to teach a new knitter how to increase and decrease, but I personally do not like that dishcloth pattern as it ends up misshaped and isn't as thick and tightly knit. 

Years ago I found a pattern on Ravelry for a Waffle Knit dishcloth and made quite a few to use up the miscellaneous partial balls of cotton yarn I had, joining together 2 or more yarn colors to create a dishcloth (although I use them as washcloths in the shower for myself). I cast on fewer stitches because I was using a worsted weight instead of the DK weight yarn, since I didn't want the cloths to end up being too large. But in casting on fewer stitches, it must have also changed the waffle pattern a bit as I was knitting it. It didn't actually look like a waffle stitch, but I really like the stitch it did create, so I just knit them my way. I knew this was the dishcloth pattern I was going to knit for my friend, Cenia. 

I saw her last Sunday to give them to her and she seemed very pleased with them. Happy dishwashing Cenia!

I had a cone of this brown, white and pink variegated cotton yarn and made all 6 out of this yarn. It's fun to watch how the pattern changes a bit with where the colors end up in each dishcloth. I love the soft spongy thick feel of these dishcloths. The colors remind me of Neapolitan ice cream, lol!

I took the photo after I made 5 dishcloths and then I finished the last dishcloth. Since they are all the same, I didn't need to photograph the last one.

I stacked them all on top of one another here.

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  1. Y'know, I never thought people would "knit" dishcloths, but there you go, something new learned today! And I like how they look, too. Curious as to how they would perform. For example, if you used them to wipe down the counter, would they absorb moisture well or are they just better for the washing aspect of things?

  2. I love making washcloths and yours came out great. I've just been making peace sign washcloths in the colors of Ukraine. I'm sure the ones you made will be loved.

  3. Oh yes! Neapolitan ice! DO NOT EAT THE DISHCLOTH! Ha! They look great!


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