Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Viewables Zip Pouches sizes M-XL

Moments by Liz has a new pattern that she calls Viewables. They are zipper pouches with a clear vinyl window and a expandable sides for the bulkier stuff you store inside to expand. It was the fact they do expand that sold me on buying this pattern. The pattern comes with cutting measurements for 5 sizes, plus 2 bonus sizes.

I made a medium size, a large size and 2 extra large sizes. I added longer straps on all, but the large and made one of the extra large size a bit differently to add a top handle instead. I just wanted to experiment a bit on one.

Here is the medium size I made in a knitting fabric print. I store my knitting needles in those pencil pouches with a clear window (the kind that fit in a binder notebook) and I made zipper pulls with the size of knitting needles that are in each pouch. I have circular and double pointed needles stored in those pouches, each pouch hold one size needle, but several of the same size. Well, one of the pouches I had the zipper wouldn't close anymore, so I thought this would be a perfect time to replace that pouch with a medium Viewable pouch. So I kept the number I made, and hooked it on the strap instead of the zipper pull. 

I have all of my clear window pouches that each hold a certain needle size standing on end inside my knitting bag from size 00-18, sort of like a file system.

As you can see I have several sets of size 10/6.00m double pointed needles and circular needles sorted inside this medium pouch.

This is the back of the medium.

Here it is empty.

Large size with side expanded.

Large size with fabric inside.

This is the large size and I made this pouch first. I added the little tab strap after taking these photos because I couldn't find it. Then I found it later and stitched it on. But I found the tab strap was too small for my liking, so I made longer straps on the others so I could grab them easier and hang them on a hook too.

The back of the large pouch. 

This is the extra large size, but I made this a bit different because I wanted to add a top carry handle and I had to sew this a bit differently because of that. 

This is the back side of the extra large.

Can you see how the sides expand to hold these skeins of yarn?

This is also an extra large size. I made the side strap longer than the pattern called for.

Here is the back side of the extra large.

Inside is my Kumihimo project.

The side shown here is expanded with my Kumihimo project inside.

The medium and large both fit inside the extra large bag. The other extra large bag is behind.

Medium, large fit inside the extra large bag.

I have a small piece of clear vinyl left and will see which of the smaller sizes it will work for and make another Viewable pouch. I really like these for project bags.

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  1. You did a great job here. I have thought about doing one or two of these, but never did. Thanks for the inspiration. Maybe I can do it now.

  2. these are great and I love that it can be expandable. I have all my needles in pencil cases and I use 3 ring binders to hold them all together, yours are so much cuter. that's great you made them in a variety of sizes because they are so handy for so many different kinds of projects. you used fun fabrics as well. great job as always.


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