Sunday, February 7, 2021

Ellen's Esplanade Cross Body Bag

Ellen's Esplanade is part of the Easy Street Collection of pdf bag patterns from ChrisW Designs. I hadn't made this one before, so thought it was time to give it a try. I am also a moderator for a few months on CWD Facebook Group and am in charge of the #easystreetbagchallenge in the group. The challenge is to make one of the Easy Street Bags (or the wallet) but challenge yourself to make some changes like adding or subtracting pockets or other elements, change the bag size to larger or smaller and just trying something creative. The challenge ends at 11:59 PM on Feb. 10 Mountain Time. I will look at all the photos posted from the challenge the next day and one winner will be selected to win an Easy Street pattern of their choice. The challenge was more for getting you to think creatively and trying something new, than anything else.

I wanted to inspire others to join in on making one of the bags, so that is why I made Ellen's Esplanade. I started with a plain denim fabric for the bag exterior and then used metallic Shiva Paintstiks and Textured Rubbing Plates to create the textured look for this bag. I like the artsy look it created, sort of a collage of textures and colors. I chose a fun fabric for the lining too. 

I used triangle rings at the sides, rather than D or O rings. When using a hook on the strap, I prefer the triangle rings because they have the round O to hook into. I added purse feet to the bottom of the bag too.

Another thing I wanted to try is to waterproof the bag exterior by rubbing wax all over it and then using a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the wax into the fabric, there by creating a waterproof barrier. You can use a votive or tealight candle to do this, but I used beeswax because I had some one hand. It seemed to work fine. I sprayed water onto the bag and it beaded up like after waxing a car does. I like doing the waterproofing this way rather than buying a chemical product that you paint or spray on, as I am super sensitive to fumes and odors. Using wax seems easier, safer and it's cheaper too. 

I like the side pockets. They are deep and can easily hold keys, a phone and depending on the size of your water bottle, it will hold that too. I slipped a stainless steel water bottle in the pocket and it fit.

The bag side is similar to the front.

The bag closes with a zipper closure.

Inside is a zipper pocket and a divided slip pocket.

I love this fun fabric. I bought on sale last year and it is called, "Measure twice, cut once". Well I was being very careful with the fabric as it is directional, but wouldn't you know it I ended up cutting it the wrong way! Didn't discover this goof until I was putting the lining and exterior together and it didn't fit! So I had to take the lining apart and get creative and add strips of the green/blue fabric to the sides and trim the height at the bottom a bit, but still had to add more fabric at the bottom because I had cut the boxed corners from before and needed more fabric to redo the boxed corners. Maybe I should have "listened to the fabric" and "Measured twice, cut once." LOL!!! But it did give me a chance to be even more creative and I kind of like the lining even better now. 

Another design element I add was this rickrack. 

I also added purse feet to the bottom.

Interested in owning this Ellen's Esplanade for your very own? Email me and I will invoice you through PayPal. The cost of Ellen is $110, includes shipping to the USA. (outside the USA, shipping will be extra). SOLD!

Ellen measures 15” W (at the top recessed zipper) X 11 ½” H X 5 ½” D).

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  1. We all know the measure twice (or thrice) and cut once theory, but we are all human, too. If something gets stuck in our brains that we think is right, that's what we think. (Explains the conspiracy theorists out there too.) I like the both the lining fabric and your contorted solution!

  2. I don't know how many times I have measured, measured, and re-measured and still cut it wrong. I'm glad you were able to fix it, but what a frustration. It's a beautiful bag. I really like that it has a zipper at top instead of just a snap. So much better to keep everything in if it should fall over.


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