Monday, February 3, 2020

Arabesque Bags in Patchwork at 80%, 90% and 100% Size

These Arabesque Bags (Sew Sweetness Pattern) were made last year. I made them at the original size and reduced to 90% and 80%. The largest size I made with 2 straps and on the 2 other sizes, I added an adjustable single strap. I like the straps both ways, but feel the double strap is best for the larger size, whereas the adjustable strap is better on the smaller sizes. I made other changes as well.

I love making this style bag in patchwork strips and quilting it. It give the bag a lot of pizzazz being patchwork. I also tend to make the patchwork in one color family too. All 3 of these were made using batik fabrics.

First is the largest bag in the original size with 2 straps, done in blue patchwork.

This bag has sold.

I am adding a zippered pocket on the back size to all the Arabesque bags I make now.

On the large (original size) and the 90% size, I am also adding purse feet. 
This is the 90% size that I added an adjustable strap to the bag. (This bag has sold, but I do have another in other brown fabrics in this size available).

Zippered pocket on the back.

Inside the bag are slip pockets.

Purse feet on the bottom.
This is the 80% size I added a cross body strap to. (This bag is available for sale. Contact me if interested).

Back zippered pocket.
slip pocket inside with a pen pocket.

All 3 sizes for comparison. Baby, Mama and Papa, lol!

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  1. the batik fabric works so well for this pattern. i love that you make it in "the three bear" sizes. the added purse feet is an excellent idea. great job

  2. You make the most beautiful bags!

  3. Daryl, these are just gorgoeus, can't decide which one I like best! I always love seeing the little details you add.


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