Monday, January 20, 2020

The Wanderer Wallet

Last year I bought the pattern to make this Wanderer Wallet (pdf from Moments by Liz). I thought it was a nice smaller wallet and had a cool coin pocket. I had seen so many really nice versions of this wallet on Liz's Facebook group, that I decided I needed to make one too. The wallet comes with three flap shape choices too.

Mine came out okay, not great. I had some difficulty getting the flap centered properly. Perhaps if I make another one I will do better, but I have other things to make now and I am so behind on my postings here, that even if I made it right now, it could be months before I got around to writing about it.

I do love how ingenious Liz's patterns are to put together and they always look great. So here is my Wanderer Wallet, with my flaws and all.

Wallet measures when folded: 4" x 4 1/2".
My stitching could have been better.

Unsnap the top snap to open wallet. The other pink snap is the coin pocket. There is a pocket behind the coin pocket, where that folded paper is.

Opened all the way to show the card slots. Behind the card slots is the cash pocket.

Rather slim wallet for holding so much.
Check out Liz's Etsy Shop for The Wanderer Wallet pdf and other patterns too. You can click on the link above and see lots of versions of this wallet in all kinds of materials, like leather, cork, vinyl, and combinations. They all did a much better job than I did that's for sure. I think I will stick with bag making anyhow, since I am so much better at making bags than wallets.
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  1. overall i think the end result looks interesting. i like that the coin purse is attached yet separate. your colors are fun. great job as always. so good to have you back sewing again.


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