Friday, February 21, 2020

Laminated Card Wallets

I had been wanting to try laminating fabric and I read about Heat and Bond and Pellon iron on vinyl products and what others had to say about them and decided on the Pellon brand. Pellon according to some reviewers wrinkles less than Heat and Bond does when you turn the project right side out. Well for my first project to try, I wanted something easy and quick and no turning involved, so I made a couple of card wallets.

This first wallet I made, I laminated the fabric on the outside and the lining side too. It worked okay, but when placing my cards into the wallet I found I could only place 3 cards on each side or the cards stuck to the laminated plastic and would be too hard to remove or add more. So first lesson learned.

My next attempt was to only laminate the exterior fabric and keep the lining as just cotton fabric. This worked better and allowed me to add a few more cards inside without anything sticking.

The process of ironing the vinyl onto to fabric was easy to do. It was easy to sew as well. I will make other items as needed using the iron on vinyl. Since I prefer sewing with fabric, the laminated fabric can come in handy for a variety of projects. There are some free patterns for other wallets online using cork or leather, but I could make them with laminated fabric instead. Why not? I already have what I need and simple wallets can use up all those tons of fabric scraps accumulating in my scrap bags!

The first wallet I showed will be included in a zippered pouch I made as a custom order. She asked for me to include some of my cards in the bag, so I thought it would be great if she had a little wallet to keep the cards in.
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  1. Great idea to laminate the card wallet. I imagine it might make it even more durable. I really like that first wallet fabric choice. I’m partial to a grung look.

  2. this is on my bucket list of things to try one day, i'm glad you are working out the kinks for me first. the vinyl fabrics can be really nice and I never could figure out how to use them. i love your ideas and i like that they are small as well. great job and as always inspirational.


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