Monday, February 24, 2020

The Strapfield Convertible Size Small Bag

I tested the large version of the Strapfield Convertible Bag (denim with koala applique) recently and I wanted to make the small size too, so this is my small version of the Strapfield. The pattern (and video available too) is a ChrisW Design pattern.

The convertible part of this bag is that you can wear it on one shoulder, or as a backpack, or unhook the hook and re-hook into the upper rings on the bag and now it becomes a cross body bag. There are adjustable straps so you can fit it to how you like to wear the bag.

I made this one for myself, so I decided to go bright! I started with a woven plaid material (it was once a table cloth because I bought it at a thrift shop). I love this bright plaid and all the colors in it, so I wanted to use as many of the colors in this plaid in the bag itself.

I also wanted to add some of my own variations and touches to this bag. One thing I did was I took apart 2 zippers, one in turquoise and one in orange and then zipped them back together using one side of each of the colors. That added a bit of whimsy to the bag.
I added 3 rivets on the top front pocket instead of dividing the pocket in half. I used different colors and prints of fabrics for the strap, lining and the pockets too. It's so fun and makes me smile when I see how colorful it is.

So here she is, my small Strapfield Converible Bag:

The zipper I made with an orange and a turquoise zipper that I took apart and made using the 2 colors. I didn't get a close photo of the zipper end, but you can see that orange and white polka dot button I sewed onto the zipper tab end sticking up.

Like the front zippered pocket, the zippered closure I made with 2 halves of different colored zippers (turquoise and orange).

The cell phone pocket on the back of the bag is so handy and Christine has an updated way of making this pocket that is great!

Bag back.

I wanted to use all the colors that are in the plaid and so I used 2 different fabrics inside the front zippered pocket,

Inside the bag the gusset is a purple-periwinkle color and one lining side is turquoise and the other lining side is orange.

On the orange lining side, I added a turquoise pocket with a yellow binding at the top.

I quilted the bottom and side gussets. I wanted to make sure the heavy interfacing stayed in place on the bottom.

My stuff inside.

Closer look at my stuff inside. 

Straps how it would be worn as a backpack. 

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  1. I love the fabrics you used.How ingenious to find a new table cloth for the bag!

  2. the fabric is just fun and i love how you made the zippers interesting as well. to me this bag is the ideal size and all your little extras are perfect as well. i adore cross body bags even if i have a lot of weight in it i feel comfortable wearing the purse. great job, i'm glad you are keeping some of your creations for your own personal use.

  3. Love the creativity that you've shown in the making of this bag, Daryl. Admiring the fussy cut front plaid. I'm not sure I'd ever want to "wear" this as a backpack (it looks better as a regular bag) but good to have the option even in this reduced size.

    Gotta ask, though - I know you've had previous issues with zippers and reinstalling zipper pulls. Did you have to convince yourself to be brave about taking apart those colourful zippers??

  4. Wow, this came out great, Daryl! I love, love, love the fabric! I'm glad you're keeping it for yourself.

  5. Another beauty, Daryl! Kind of retro!


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