Monday, January 1, 2018

The Podium Bag

January 2018 BOMC (Bag of the Month Club) was designed by Christine of ChrisW Designs, and is called The Podium Bag. I was one of several bag testers for Christine.This bag has an interesting flap that stands up, so I suppose that is where the name Podium came from? You can only get the pattern right now if you join the BOMC, otherwise you have to wait for 6 months (July) before the pattern will be released to the public for sale. This is true of the other 5 designers who will be presenting their bag patterns on the 1st of each month to those in the club. You can join in anytime during the 6 month BOMC (January 2018-June 2018) and will receive each pattern the first of the month from a different designer each month. The cost is $40 subscription for all 6 bag patterns. Click on the highlighted link for all the information about this club.

Okay back to my test bag. When I saw the large flap I knew I wanted to do some decorative machine stitches on it. The straps did cover up some of my pretty stitches though. I used batik fabrics and 2 hand dyed fabrics; one for the flap the other is the bottom of the bag.

I chose to sew the straps on the flap, but the pattern has another way of adding straps with a hardware that I didn't have. So be sure and check out the other testers and the bags they made to see how different this bag can look with different fabric, including cork fabric, and different hardware too.

One side view.

The other side view.

Closer look at the flap with my the stitches and added rickrack. I even have a hot air balloon stitch! Living in New Mexico, that is a perfect stitch for me to have, lol!

On the back of the bag is what has become Christine's signature phone pocket. I love this pocket for my keys (no phone for me). It is handy for phone or keys and so ingenuous! 

The back of the bag.

Inside there is a slip and zippered pocket. I chose to place a pocket on each side, but in the instructions they were both on the back side of the bag when I tested it. The choice is now up to you. See what we testers do to make it easier for you, we try things and see if they work well or not.

On the bottom of the bag you can add rivets or if using cork, you can cut out small squares as a decorative accent. Again, I am always the different one. (Been that way my whole life, so not going to change now, lol!) I added hot fix metallic-looking studs. It was way easier to do and no holes to punch! I don't have a rivet setter, so I have not used rivets, although I have used Chicago screws (see on the strap), which are much easier to install. 

I did add a Chicago screw to the top of strap. 

The pattern calls for adding a tassel which you can make, but I used a piece of felt and a little purse charm instead. I guess I really didn't even need to fold the felt and topstitch it and in hindsight, I would have just cut the felt single thickness, but it was such a small piece that it doesn't matter much.

If you would like to purchase this one-of-a-kind Podium Bag from me, I am selling it for $95 plus $15 shipping in USA. Email me if interested in purchasing. I invoice through PayPal or pay with check or money order.
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  1. Hot air balloon stitching, a handbag charm, and all those great embellishments... it's a treasure trove to look at!

  2. You really are a trail blazer and I think you make wonderful adjustments to the patterns you test. This bag is very pretty and definitely a one-of-a-kind Designer Bag. Blessings for 2018 and Lots of Creativity Dear...<3

  3. I actually have a bag a bit similar to this, its flat on one side and rounded on the other. I like the way it fits because I wear it like a messenger bag across my body. I can't even imagine what a challenge this must have been to make. You did an excellent job and of course you included your own Daryl style to make it unique. Nice embellishments as well. I wish my machine had balloon stitches they are fun. great job

  4. A purse charm on a purse - purse-ception! :D As usual, your embellishments and fabrics take the bag from regular to WOW :) I think I would kill for your decorative stitches - mine are very basic, but yours are very picture-y!

  5. So lovely !! Thank you for sharing, Daryl.

  6. Beautiful bag Daryl and your stitchery on it is awesome!

  7. More of your awesome stitching, Daryl. The addition of the ric rac is a great idea.


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