Monday, January 29, 2018

Knitting Tools Bags

I brought my knitting tool bag in the sheep fabric to my knitting group to show to them. I also brought another one in a llama print fabric too that I keep my sewing notions in. I told the ladies at my group I would make anyone who wanted to buy one of these bags in any color(s) and 2 women liked the sheep fabric, so I made 3 of the sheep ones and varied the interior fabrics. I brought the extra bag in case someone else wanted to buy it and I did sell it too. I have a llama print fabric one that is for sale still with pink binding, but anyone wanting one of these bags, I will make custom to make sure I make it in colors they would want.

I love how handy these bags are to use and that the zipper is the handle too.

I made 2 with this red binding. This is one side .

This is the other side.

This is the inside with zippers closed.

I added a charm to the exterior zipper. (I don't know what that black mark is on it, maybe a scrap of fabric? It's not there anymore, so that's weird).

I used a polka dot red fabric to bind this one in.

Inside with the zippers closed.

The zippers opened.

Here is the 2nd one with the same binding as the first bag.

Inside with zippers closed.

With zippers opened.

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  1. I love this bag, as you know I am lucky enough to have one. What makes it so great is that it opens up really wide and has the three pockets. I use mine all the time, it was perfect for carrying all the things I needed for an embroidery project. Mine has cute llama fabric but the sheep are adorable as well.

  2. Super cute and very practical bag. You were so smart to share them with your group. Creative Bliss Dear...<3

  3. That is a very handy bag. Congratulations on your sales.

  4. How neat Daryl and I can see how they would be a hit with the wool group!


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