Sunday, January 14, 2018

Striped Knit Hat in Cupcakes Yarn

One of the gifts I got for my birthday in November from my friend Tara, was a skein of Cupcakes Yarn by Caron. It is an acrylic yarn that is self striping in wide stripes and comes with a pompom too!

The instructions on the label was for knitting a child size hat in a few sizes. I decided to knit the large hat because I figured it would fit me. I also knit mine in the round, rather than flat to have to seam up later. It came out a bit too large! This was for a child? It is really cute though and I love the colors (several colorways of yarn are available for this yarn). My daughter saw it and she had her hair up, so when she tried it on it fit better with her hair up. She wanted it so I gave it to her because there was enough yarn leftover to knit another hat (although I had to make my own pompom for hat #2). I knit the second hat a medium size, using the same instructions and it came out perfect. (No photo of hat #2 because it is the same only smaller).

I do not know if the instructions might have been translated from another language or not edited correctly or what, because these instructions are sizes for adults, not children! Maybe the small size would fit a medium to large child? Either way, I was able to knit 2 hats (one with a pompom I made) and had a couple yards of yarn leftover. Without making the pompom, I would have had a bit more yarn left, but not really enough to do anything with. I wonder if after knitting one hat, would there have been enough yarn to knit a matching scarf? I suppose it would depend on the pattern used, the width and length of the scarf, but it would have been a daring matching set.

Yarn seems to all be on sale at the major crafting retailers right now, so if you are inclined to give this yarn a try, I would recommend it. Easy to knit, makes nice stripes and itch free! Thanks Tara for the yarn!

Hat I knit using the Cupcakes yarn and the pompom that came with the yarn.

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  1. I have seen the Cupcake Yarns being sold in the stores with the Pom Pom. Fun to see how it knit with the stripes. Happy your daughter loved it. JOYful January Dear...<3

  2. I'm glad to hear you found homes for both hats, I hate it when patterns are way off especially when they have to fit. I think the colors work and the pompom is a fun addition. I'm happy you made one for you.

  3. Such a pretty yarn. The colors are nice. I'm knitting another Saku hat, this one for me since my daughter took the first one.


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