Tuesday, January 16, 2018

65 Quilted Doll Quilts & 5 Knit Doll Blankets

I went through my UFO's last month and found a lot of miscellaneous quilt blocks, partial blocks, pieced units, applique and some mug rugs I started making, and thought I should turn all of those blocks and units into doll quilts for the charity that my quilt group makes doll quilts for. At Christmas time the woodworkers group who makes 500 doll beds throughout the year to be donated teams up with us quilters who make doll quilts and then along with a simple rag doll each little girl gets a bed, a doll and a quilt or blanket (I also knit blankets).  I got a jump start on this for Christmas 2018, by making 65 doll quilt and 5 knit blankets for a total of 70! Yay!

Using scraps and the finished or partially finished units and blocks, I sewed strips around what I had to make it large enough (approx. 9" x 12") for the quilt top. I added a backing and in most cases I sewed them together pillow style and birthed them through the opening. In the case of nearly finished mug rugs, I had to add scraps of fabric and batting (some were already quilted) around the mug rug to make it large enough. Some I added binding to. I highlighted the best ones below. Here is the stack of quilts (looks like The Princess and the Pea bed):

Here is one I knit.

The center part I was playing with an idea for a quilt block contest a few years ago by adding some machine stitches. So I added strips around the center piece and quilted it.

I had a few of these "doll" applique blocks with wool fleece hair. I made a wall hanging years ago of several dolls and had a few leftover, so I used the leftover ones to create a few doll quilts.

A bird house block with added strips around to make it larger.

The star is a leftover block from the first twin size quilt I made my son when he was around 12 years old.

I was making a herringbone block with various strip widths and used the leftover sections in the center of this one by sewing them together and then added strips on the sides.

I was playing around one day and wanted to fuse hexagons and blanket stitch around them to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden block, rather than piece them together. It worked well for a block, but I doubt I would do a large quilt like that, but on smaller blocks it was fun. So I added strips around the hex flower to make it large enough for a doll quilt.

In the center are 2 string units that I pieced together and then added strips around to make it large enough for the doll quilt.

I attempted making one of the Exploding Pineapple blocks that Jenny from Missouri Star was showing a video tutorial on. Well it looks easier to do than I thought. Mine was not very even. Maybe I need practice? Or perhaps I will just stick with the traditional method for making a pineapple block.

Another applique doll in her Christmas dress.

Crazy pieced yellow, gold and orange scraps.

Scraps of square units leftover I put together.

Just scrap strings.

A Churn Dash block I added strips around.

Another Churn Dash block.

I do love Churn Dash blocks, but only had these 3, so they got turned into doll quilts.

The center crazy pieced section was starting off as a mug rug, but I added more strips to the sides to enlarge it to a doll quilt size.

This doll quilt is a bit larger than the others and made of leftover squares.

This also is larger and made of leftover squares.

Another larger doll quilt of squares leftover.

I made a baby quilt recently (haven't posted it yet) and after sewing strips and cutting them to the sizes needed, I had little bits of sewn pieces that I just put together in no particular pattern. I was able to get 3 doll quilts made from the scrappy leftovers of the baby quilt. I sewed a faux binding (really a border) all around and then sewed it pillow style and birthed through the opening and pressed and then quilted them. Good way to practice quilting all sorts of designs.
I have knit 4 more doll blankets this month so far too. This is a great project to get rid of miscellaneous yarn, or scraps of not only fabric, but batting scraps too. I even use scraps of flannel instead of batting if I can. It's a win-win for all.
Happy Stitching!
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  1. Oh my, such a show of artistry! You must feel incredibly accomplished after doing that. There is much to like about many of them, but I narrowed my fave down to the yellow, gold and orange one.

  2. This is such a wonderfull idea! Love your doll-blankets, all of them! Groetjes, Francisca

  3. How wonderful to team up with the woodworkers to make presents that little girls will treasure. You must feel incredibly satisfied, having created beautiful doll blankets from your UFOs.

  4. WOW! Lucky little girl to get one of those quilts! You've been busy!

  5. you are an inspiration to us all. what I love about your doll quilts is that it shows me that doll quilts can be done with bigger blocks. I've never done them because I thought they had to be made out of miniature squares which I can't do very well. you made a huge variety and they all look great. I am sure you have made many children very happy. kudos to you

  6. 70!!! 70 little dollies will be tucked into their beds with sweet little blankets or quilts - that is beyond awesome! I like the little Christmas dolly the best, btw :) Great start on the new year, Daryl - wow! I agree with Bethany - Dang girl ... you GO! :)

  7. Brilliant finish to your UFO blocks. I love this gift of woodworker’s doll beds and quilter’s blankies and dolls. Excellent job Daryl Dear...xo


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