Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fiona's Freeway an Easy Street Bag Pattern

ChrisW Designs has a new bag in her Easy Street Collection of bag patterns, called Fiona's Freeway. Easy Street patterns are faster and easier to sew than her regular patterns and cost a bit less too. Pop over to see all the tester's bag versions too.

I enjoyed making this bag. I got all artsy and sewed decorative stitches on the flap and that was fun! So here is my Fiona's Freeway~

Fiona is a bucket style bag with a drawstring and a flap with a magnetic snap closure. She is a medium sized bag with an adjustable strap so you can wear it across your body. There is a front zippered pocket that is perfect for holding a cell phone.

I had fun using fancy stitches machine stitches as well as making French knots by hand and couching a piece of rickrack in place. I also sewed on a few tiny buttons.

Side view shows the strap tab and the grommets for the drawstring you can see too.

My signature zipper pull on the front zippered pocket.

Fiona's backside is pretty too!

Here you can see the drawstring and magnetic snap closure.

I didn't have a large enough cord stop to use, so I rummaged around my craft stuff and found this large bead which looks nicer than a cord stop and works really well as an alternative to keeping the cord cinched in.

Inside there is a slip pocket on one side and zippered pocket on the other side.

Slip pocket with my label.

Zippered pocket with another zipper pull I made.

To give you an idea of space I put my wallet, reading glasses and sunglasses cases inside. Not a large bag, but not too small either.

Here you an see the entire flap.

Fiona is having fun swinging in the tree!
This one-of-a-kind Fiona is for sale for $54 plus shipping. Email me if you are interested in purchasing her. SOLD!
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  1. love love love the bag - any takers yet?

  2. Love the colours and your decorative stitching!

  3. great choice of fabrics and your embellishment with the stitches is very eye catching and fun. I like the metal closure as well as the draw string it makes it look very crisp and keeps things lined up nicely. it looks like a really good size as well.

  4. All that stitching adds an amazing touch to the bag. Love it!

  5. This is a fun looking bag, Daryl. Love the colors and the stitches flap you created is a really fun feature!

  6. I just saw your bag @ Pam's Threading Your Way feature page - I posted that this page is holding me hostage on your site because I don't want to close this tab :) Your bag is inspiring and awesome - now I have to go check my machine for a reminder of what decorative stitches I have that I haven't been using, lol!


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